Unable to aim directly up or down?

Since when was this done, how sad, what a dumb change.




… wtf…

Console change?

Seems a very odd change, I’ve not been around since January so I’ve missed patch notes and I’m not gonna go check… but yeah I used to use it for flutes and also my crossbows I could aim straight down when going off a jump or ledge and hit people under me, which I now cant, even though my weapons can aim directly down…

Unsure if I should bug report

There has been no mention of this in any patch notes thus far. I don’t see this affecting anything in gam at all. Flutes work just the same. If reapercopters where still a thing this change would be an issue.

But this is a non issue.

It would be interesting to know why this change was made though.

You’ve obviously never shot people from underneath when they drop off a bridge or high ground, or do the same when you’re jumping off something and shoot below you with certain weapons.

You don’t speak for everyone

It might not be if you’re trying to shoot a Vulture Drone.

Hi there,
I’ve made a bug report about this almost a year ago and the devs wont do anything to fix the bug.

previous bug reports I have posted:

I still use flutes in top 10 clanwars on ps4. They are still usable, but would be way easier to use without the limited camera angle.

The only major problem i’ve been getting with flutes is the recent server changes. Now playing on servers with high ping (for example when facing american players when you are from the eu) will sometimes result in the flutes not instantly changing trajectory when looking at enemy players. This usually means that the flutes will just miss the target.

I have no idea how viable flutes will be after the co-driver changes, as it seems that the flute flight time perk will be removed.

This change was made on consoles only due to reapercopters in cw.
Its time to reverse it back, since we can choose builds before battle starts , reapercopters are not dangerous anymore.

But they already patched the reaper copters an earlier update?
And why wouldn’t they also put this limited camera angle on pc?

i have not seen a rc in pc for a long time now…
and we on pc like to see them for fun,they are not a threat on pc.
idk about console…
but thats why us pc players dont mind rc,they just fun to watch and makes us smile… :smiley:

Its not patched on pc

They tried to fix it on consoles but it didnt work, some ppl figured out how to use it again ,thats why devs changed camera angle.

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we don’t on xbox either it’s literally just playstation it was an issue

Yes thats what im saying, that its weird that they put a camera angle on console, but not on pc.

Yeah right, didnt read good :crazy_face:

Only playstation players complain about rc ,thats why consoles got it.

that’s because pc Rocks !


I think it would be a good idea for the devs to remove the camera angle. People are now more used to having multiple builds for cw, and thus can switch to somethin to counter the rc.
Another option would be to only have limited camera angle when looking down. I cant really think of a build that would suffer from a camera angle only at the bottom except a rc.