Unbearable Lag

Anybody else?

This is often accompanied with “covertly applied variable dynamics,” but it’s running so bad I can’t tell if anything’s changed. I would expect it to be subtle variations anyway, but is beside the point.

This lag sucks, and is unplayable.


I normally just relog in often clears it. was about to get on.

Good luck. I’ll probably give it another shot later, but I’ve tried a couple times today and it’s been bad both early this morning, and now in the evening. I couldn’t manage it. I’ll try it again tomorrow(ish).

lol just woke up mouse in hand a few minutes ago will probably just skip tonight… Have fun if you manage to get on with a better connection. I think I’ll just go try to get some more sleep…

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I got better connectivity after midnight.

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They’re probably doing some ninja tweaks/changes and also I find the game gets laggy a bit before they do any major updates and remains laggy for some time afterward
I find wheel vehicles get laggy for me when I do get lag but not so much with flying vehicles

Come on already…lag is a game feature designed to make the game more challenging. Everyone knows this. :expressionless:


out of random curiosity, how much system Ram do you have? I didn’t experience any lag, but I was on xbox yesterday, not PC.

I don’t usually get noticeable lag, especially severe lag, and curiously it went away.

16 gigs, dual quad processors.

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A game feature from a developing team that doesn’t have the skill or care to implement changes to their game without causing negative in-game effects is a game feature the Dev team can keep and shove back wherever they pulled it out from!

Bob, I’ll take incompetent buffoonery for 300c

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LMBO! Great comment!

I have never had a whole week where I had a good connection every day when playing this game for 5+ years

Sometimes the general jankyness makes playing some guns a bit impossible (Astraeus, Varun, Median) for the whole day