Unbeatable Clan

The tank of steel (slayers) clan in high-level battles is literally unbeatable. Why is that?

Xbox or pc?

No ones unbeatable. You just cant beat them with your team. Im certain other teams beat them.

He is talking about a clan that runs a 4 man group in med/low PS PvP Missions. They use 4 matching builds of whatever is OP at the time and they destroy all of the non-grouped dudes.

As fair as rankings in CWs go they are medium at best. This clan focuses more on PvP 4 man team mission grinding.

They are pretty effective at what they do, and piss off a lot of people, but at the end of the day they are just playing the game and you can’t hate them for that.

BUT, as I have pointed out many times, it is the vets that abuse this game the most, and the most faithful fans are the ones that will be the death of this game. I personally play PvP missions solo 90% of the time for the challenge, but I will have to admit that I do enjoy punishing the weak from time to time :slight_smile:

To each his own and smokem if you gotem! But I personally don’t understand the dudes that seal club 24/7 in 4 man teams. It can’t be fun.