Anyone else notice you cant remove people from your blacklist anymore or is it just me?

My blacklist stays empty most of the time. If I DO add someone in there it’s only for a few hours at most.

Why would anyone want to remove a person if they blacklist them? All I have in it are bottom of the barrel toxic retards who are never gonna be removed from there, game enjoyment has gone up considerably when you don’t have these 10-year olds shitting and pissing and shitting themselves the moment they die and spamming the battle chat full of poor english crying how everyone but them sucks while they can’t even get more than 1-2 kills with whatever is the current easy cheese meta. Honestly after blacklisting the notoriously vocal inbred mouthbreathers that without fail will go on a text spam spree every and each match after they manage to die, game has become more fun even if you end up with these little princesses on the team that barely do anything and then after ending up the last player alive with 0-1 kills drive away somewhere on the edge of the map and cry about it while the enemy team caps. Now instead of having to look at whatever strings of letters their brain just barely manages to put together to form semi-coherent sentences, you can just sit back and enjoy knowing that whatever angry rant they are spewing out that match you aren’t seeing a single letter of it

Honestly blacklist should extend to map pings and callouts as well