Under the sign of the dragon

[PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Under the sign of the dragon

The new event “Under the sign of the dragon” begins in the Wasteland, and the reworked “Steel championship” returns as well! In addition to in-game events, we have seriously improved the clan component of the game and invite all players to take part in “Confrontation”!

Steel championship

Attention! The event will be available from August 17 to September 10 inclusive!

Main rules:

  • Players can take part in the mode both as a group and individually as part of a randomly selected team.
  • The match takes place in the “3 vs. 3” format.
  • The match lasts 5 minutes. The team that scores more goals against the opponents wins.
  • If a team leads the opponent by 5 goals scored, the match automatically ends with a victory for this team.
  • In the case of a draw in regular time, overtime is appointed:
    • overtime lasts 3 minutes;
    • the team that scores a goal during overtime wins;
    • if during the overtime, none of the teams scores a goal, the match ends in a draw.

Changes from previous events:

  • Now, before the start of the game, each player can choose an armoured car and, accordingly, a role in the upcoming match:
    • goalkeeper: an armoured car on mechanical legs, low mobility, equipped with means to effectively (and spectacularly!) stop the balls flying into the gate and approaching opponents.
    • defender: quite mobile and allows you to temporarily disable the weapons of nearby enemies. Equipped with a shotgun that allows you to easily hit the ball or pass it further, but only if the ball is in close proximity.
    • forward: a classic option for the “Steel championships”. A high-speed armoured car with a harpoon and a crossbow.
  • During the match, you can change your role by using self-destruction. Please note that after self-destruction, you will not be able to assist your allies for a few seconds.


  • Participation in the “Steel championship” allows you to earn rating points, move up through the leagues and unlock the corresponding rewards:
    • Iron (0 - 49 points): no rewards.
    • Steel (50 - 149 points): unique profile background.
    • Bronze (150 - 349 points): 2 stickers “Wula & Ling send their love” and an emblem corresponding to this league.
    • Silver (350 points): “Referee’s whistle” horn, “With love, Wula and Ling” decor, and an emblem corresponding to this league.
    • Gold (top 500 players with rating points over 650): an emblem corresponding to the highest league of the championship.
  • At the end of the event, the top 500 players receive additional rewards:
    • Places 1 — 3: “Fan-duck” decor, “Mr. Wu” portrait, and 2 containers with a tradable legendary part of your choice.
    • Places 4 — 10: “Fan duck” decor, “Mr. Wu” portrait and 1 container with a tradable legendary part of your choice.
    • Places 11 — 50: “Mr. Wu” portrait and 2 containers with a tradable epic part of your choice.
    • 51 — 500 places: a container with a tradable epic part of your choice.

Under the sign of the dragon

Attention! The event and packs will be available until September 13 inclusive!

  • The levels and corresponding rewards are unlocked as you complete special challenges and earn event experience points.
  • Event experience points are required to unlock levels and receive rewards.
  • As part of this event, you will be receiving new challenges: 1 main and 1 additional challenge.
  • New challenges appear every day. All uncompleted daily challenges are accumulated.
  • The base event rewards are available to all players without exception. They include:
    • 50 in-game coins;
    • Certain stickers and a paint;
    • Containers with resources;
    • Engineer badges;
    • Coupons for special workbenches.
  • All additional rewards (marked with a lock icon on an orange background) are only available to those who have purchased the “Under the sign of the dragon” pack (standard or deluxe version). Purchasing the deluxe version immediately unlocks the following 10 levels and all the rewards of the unlocked levels.
  • Purchasing the pack gives you access to:
    • A number of already produced and upgraded parts;
    • Recipes for the production of these parts on the event workbench, as well as the ability to remove upgrades from them in order to sell them on the market;
    • Additional 600 in-game coins;
    • Paint and decoration items (“Aerodynamic headlight” and “Damage counter”);
    • New decoration “Wula and Ling encourage you to rest”;
    • Storage expansion;
    • Ability to produce certain parts during the event;
    • For each subsequent level, starting from 50, you will receive the “AC62 Therm” autocannon as a reward. These autocannons can be used in the production of parts on a special event workbench, as well as sold or used in upgrades.

Attention! The “Under the sign of the dragon” packs will be available:

  • PC: with the start of the event until September 13 inclusive.
  • PlayStation® and Xbox: from 10:00 GMT on August 17, until September 13 inclusive.

Clan confrontation

Detailed announcements can be found in our special news:


  • Players have the opportunity to organize their own clans up to 4 players (hereinafter — “Band”). The ability is available from reputation level 5 with the Engineers faction.
  • A band is created for 200 pts. of scrap metal and later can be expanded to a usual clan of 20 players for the standard 500 in-game coins.
  • All already existing clans for 20 people will remain as they are.
  • The band doesn’t have its own tag before the nicknames of its members.
  • Bands allow players who haven’t previously participated in clan battles to gain the necessary experience without a high entry threshold (both in terms of the cost of forming a clan and assembling an armoured car, and in terms of game skill requirements). Now everyone can form their own small communities for mutual development and assistance.
  • Membership in a band (or clan) grants access to clan challenges (for more details, see below in the “Challenges” section).

Personal “Confrontation” rating

  • The personal rating of each individual member of a clan or a band is the sum of the results of the five best battles during the season. This means that you can constantly improve and try to earn as many points per battle as possible in order to increase your overall score and contribute more to the total rating. The current personal rating of the player is displayed in the list of clan members.
  • Personal rating is earned not only in the new “Clan confrontation” mode, but also in clan wars and missions (except for “Patrols”).
    • Even those players who don’t participate in clan wars or “Confrontation”, but play missions, help their clan to accumulate a rating and advance through the leaderboard.
    • As the requirements for participation in regular PvP battles are much lower than in clan wars or “Confrontation”, battles in regular missions bring 10 times less rating points.

“Confrontation” leaderboard

  • The leaderboards of clan wars and “Confrontation” are not connected in any way and don’t affect each other. The changes and innovations described below are in no way related to the clan wars leaderboard and do not affect it in any way.
  • Advancement through the leagues of “Confrontation” occurs through the accumulation of the total rating of a clan or band (the sum of the personal ratings of all members).
    • The total rating in “Confrontation” during the season can only increase or remain unchanged, but not decrease.
    • At the end of the season, the rating of all participants and, accordingly, the clan or band itself is reset.
  • Each subsequent “Confrontation” league of Opposition opens access to new clan challenges and therefore increases the total number of Engineer badges that can be earned per season.
  • If a player leaves the clan, then his personal rating in “Confrontation” (as well as rating in clan wars) is reset. At the same time, the clan doesn’t lose the rating earned by this player.
  • If a player returns to the clan he left earlier during the season, then his personal “Confrontation” rating is restored (the rating in clan wars is not restored).
  • If a player who left a clan joins another clan, then his personal rating will be taken into account from the start of the next season.


Attention! The mode will be available on August 20, 16:00 GMT!

  • Clan Confrontation is a new mode available to clans and bands.
    • Access to the mode opens from level 10 of reputation with the Engineers faction.
    • Important limitation: the PS of the vehicle required to participate in the mode must be at least 5000 and must not exceed 9000.
    • The player has the opportunity to pre-assemble up to 3 cars that he can use in the “Confrontation” mode. For this, the blueprints of the assembled machines must be saved in advance in the appropriate slots in the mode window.
    • At the beginning of each battle, the player has the option to choose one of the 3 vehicles that have been assembled for the mode.
    • In the mode, you can participate in a group of up to 4 players.
    • You can also enter the mode without a group: in this case, you will play together with other random players who are members of clans or bands.
    • Players from the same clan or band will never be placed on opposite teams while fighting in the “Confrontation” mode.
    • The battle takes place until one of the sides wins.
  • Similar to clan wars, clan confrontations also take place in the format of mini-seasons that last 1 week.
  • The “Clan confrontation” mode is available daily: each window lasts 40 minutes. The break between the windows is 1 hour 20 minutes in case clan wars are inactive at that time. If another “Confrontation” overlaps with the time of clan wars, then its start is postponed until the next even hour, when clan wars will not be active.
  • Scrap metal is issued as a reward for participating in the mode.


Attention! The transition to the new challenge system will take place on August 20 at 16:00 GMT! You will be able to finish previous weekly challenges till August 21, 00:00 GMT.

  • Weekly challenge will become an activity that is only available to players who are members of a clan or band. The challenges are located in the corresponding tab “Challenges” — “Clan challenges”. The tab with the challenges can also be accessed from the clans window.
  • Now tasks are performed jointly by all members of a clan or a band. This means that the contribution of each member of a clan or a band is taken into account in the progress of those challenges.
  • To receive a reward for completing clan challenges, the following conditions must be met:
    • A clan or a band must fulfill the conditions of a challenge.
    • A clan or a band must have reached the required “Confrontation” league that this challenge belongs to. In the description of each challenge, you can find out which “Confrontation” league is required to unlock it.
    • The player must collect the required amount of “activity” (in the description of each challenge it is indicated how much “activity” is required to receive a reward for its completion). This means that you personally may not complete a specific challenge, but if your clan / band completes it, then in order to receive a reward, you need to collect the amount of “activity” indicated in the challenge. Activity can be earned by dealing damage in any game mode (except “Bedlam” and the “Game center” modes). 1 unit of activity = 1000 units of inflicted damage.

Comment: “activity” eliminates the possibility of unfair play: rewards are given to those survivors who actively play and contribute to the common cause of their clan, and not to those who are just members of clans and don’t do anything.

  • The higher your clan rises in the clan confrontation leaderboard, the more challenges are available to you (and the more “Engineer badges” you can get). A fully completed challenge is taken into account even before reaching the league to which this challenge is attached. That means, that if you have fulfilled the condition for a challenge of a higher league, you will receive a reward for it automatically in case you have time to unlock the corresponding league before the end of the season.

Updated challenges, their respective leagues and rewards

Important: the progress of completing challenges of one type is transferred to subsequent challenges of the same type. For example: if you completed a challenge for 40 victories in missions or brawls, then in the subsequent challenge for 200 victories in missions or brawls, you will already have 40 victories taken into account, and to complete the challenge, you will have to win 160 battles.

“Unknown” league

  • complete 20 daily challenges. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • win 40 battles in missions or brawls. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • win 20 battles in raids. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • deal 300000 damage in missions, brawls or raids. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.

“Recognized” league

  • complete 50 daily challenges. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • win 200 battles in missions or brawls. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • win 40 battles in raids. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • deal 2000000 damage in missions, brawls or raids. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.

League “Renowned”

  • complete 100 daily challenges. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • win 500 battles in missions or brawls. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • win 100 battles in raids. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • deal 6000000 damage in missions, brawls or raids. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • destroy 150 enemies in clan confrontation. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.

“Famous” league

  • complete 200 daily challenges. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.
  • win 800 battles in missions or brawls. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.
  • win 150 battles in raids. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.
  • deal 10000000 damage in missions, brawls or raids. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.
  • destroy 400 enemies in clan confrontation. Reward: 250 Engineer badges.
  • destroy 350 opponents in clan wars. Reward: 350 Engineer badges.

“Legendary” league

  • complete 300 daily challenges. Reward: 150 Engineer badges.
  • win 1000 battles in missions or brawls. Reward: 150 Engineer badges.
  • win 250 battles in raids. Reward: 150 Engineer badges.
  • deal 15000000 damage in missions, brawls or raids. Reward: 150 Engineer badges.
  • destroy 800 enemies in clan confrontation. Reward: 450 Engineer badges.
  • destroy 700 opponents in clan wars. Reward: 700 Engineer badges.

Challenges for the “Survivor’s path”

Added a number of special clan-related challenges to the Survivor’s path tutorial chain of tasks. These challenges can be performed only once.

Engineer badge exchange

  • Now, instead of the standard “Pathfinder’s container” and “Wanderer’s Container”, the contents of which haven’t been changed, containers with different contents will be available weekly in the badge exchange.
  • As before, one container will include a random “special” part, and the second — a random “epic” part.
  • In total, there will be 3 different containers with “special” parts and 4 different containers with “epic” parts in the rotation. Each container has its own list of parts that can be obtained when they are opened.

Advanced features in clans

  • Now 4 roles are available within a clan: clan leader, officer, veteran and fighter.
    • The essence and functions of the leader and officers have not been changed.
    • When joining a clan, a player automatically becomes a “fighter”. This gives the player the opportunity to complete clan challenges, receive rewards for them, earn “activity” and a personal “Confrontation” rating, as well as participate in the “Confrontation” mode. Clan wars are not available for players with the “fighter” role.
    • The role of “veteran” is issued by the clan leader or officer. “Veterans” can take part in clan wars.
  • Now the players have the opportunity to make the clan “open”. If the leader chooses this option, then anyone can join the clan or band without additional confirmation. Please note that when creating a new band, you can choose what it will be: open, available by application, or closed (by default, the “Open” option is selected).
  • Now each player has the opportunity to hide the display of the clan tag next to his nickname through the corresponding item in the settings (“General” — “Privacy”).
  • Now the clan description is displayed in the clan search window.

Comment: these changes give clans more abilities. For example, a clan can recruit less experienced players by training them in the “Clan confrontation” mode and preparing them to participate in clan wars. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about recruits entering clan wars and negatively affecting the clan’s rating.


  • Now leviathans are the only enemies in the “Invasion” mode. Regular raider armoured vehicles have been removed from the mode.
  • Crates with ammunition now spawn near towers and also drop from destroyed leviathans
  • Added new standard leviathans for groups with a high overall Power Score (such leviathans appear in battle only if a suitable leviathan from the players couldn’t be found).

“Electric beetle” packs

Soon Atypus will arrive in the Valley on his “Electric beetle”! Follow our news and don’t miss the moment when this armoured car with a new movement part and a crossbow appears in the Wasteland!

  • Now the tower on the “Nameless tower” map is destroyed under other weather conditions as well.
  • Now it is easier to bring down the bridge on the “bridge” map: the durability of both the bridge itself and the explosives has been reduced.
  • Optimized the vegetation on the in-game maps.


Improved the weapon’s physical model: now the upper part of the area that deals damage is not blocked by the static part of the model.

  • Added a new track for the Steel Championship 2053 event mode:

  • Added sound effects for mounting rocket launchers in assembly mode.

  • Added special sound effects for a number of in-game events.

  • Now the acceleration efficiency depends not only on the mass of the car and the number of boosters, but also on the current speed: when exceeding 120 km/h, the acceleration is gradually reduced. This is done to prevent problems that may arise when driving at extremely high speeds (including the destruction of an armoured car).
  • Improved the fire effect of the “Remedy” flamethrower with the applied “Black Death” customization kit.

  • Fixed a bug where the perk of the cabin “Blight” was not affecting the damage of the fire puddles from the projectiles of “Mandrake” and “Porcupine” projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug due where mounting certain bumpers on the “Draco” flamethrower led to a change in its aiming angles.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause graphical artifacts to appear around the edges of the screen with motion blur enabled.
  • Fixed incorrect rotation animations for the “Meat grinder” auger and the “Omni” wheels when turning on the spot.
  • Fixed a bug due to which coupons for the legendary workbench didn’t work on the workbench of the “Founders” faction.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts, descriptions and icons.

wait wait wait… so now weekly challenges are locked off UNLESS your in a CLAN!? are they being serious here? we are pretty much being forced into a clan in order to get weeklies done to earn badges!? these were the only thing really keeping me coming back to the game, to earn badges so i can get resources as needed. if this is the case then im quitting the game. i will NOT be forced to be in a clan when i have no need or want to be in one. seriously what the hell were they thinking!?

if you want to make challenges available then do some separately from the main weeklies that we work so hard to complete! your just making the game even more unbearable and grindy. i get that you want to encourage people to interact with eachother but this is not the way to go about it! locking off content behind a stupid mechanic like clans is absolutely ridiculous!

Here’s screenshots of the new parts parameters of the pack that you can’t buy yet so can’t test them out yet

Turns out the new “Crossbow” is an energy weapon, so not technically a crossbow

New movement part is 4 pins wide, so wider than sabbath


Sounds like there is a lot of squanching going on in their office. My download of the update just failed too then the launcher crashed. lol… There’s no rewards I want from the mode, I don’t get it other then they are football fans and like to rip off other games.

Looks like you can make a lot of coin off the deluxe Dragon pass. Either I’m misunderstanding it or maybe it’s broke. IDK. The end of the pass offers a repeating salable Therm reward for each level after 40. Does that mean if I buy the deluxe version ($19.99), every time I level it up I can sell a Therm (640 coin)? That seems like a pretty good deal. Too good?

I’m really tired and need to go to bed. I’m probably misunderstanding.

Review of the mini pass:
I was thinking of getting it, since you get three fused Whirls with it, but it also has a fused Jubokko I could want. BUT once again you need not battle pass included items, fused, to make any legendaries, this time Threshers, which there are not many of since it’s a sucky gun to begin with so people probably don’t have them lying around and the price will skyrocket with this artificial price increase. And instead of CKs like I though with the earlier description of it, there are just a few deco items with this new whocares-mascot with what I assume they are trying to suck up to oversea markets of the asian kind. It’s not bad by itself but came completely out of nowhere compared to any of the past steel championships and honestly feels kind of like something out of a completely different game. Rewards are pretty lackluster imo as a whole in this battle pass, especially the stuff outside the guns and new decor

Not gonna buy it, I am voting with my wallet. Gonna take the long way for fused Whirls rather than supporting this, not even my ocd autism for same fusions on parts can get me to pay 10 eurodollars for this

Review of the steel championship itself:
It sucks once again, they once again tried something new but it just does not work. Crossout car football does not work well with the driving changes of Supercharged update, making it annoyingly tedious as a whole. Cars handle poorly and playing football with them is just a pain. Honestly I liked the last tusk equipped version way more, and even then when that was happening I still did not enjoy it that much.

The new cars are meh, with special mention to Goalkeeper having a Varun, that fires like a Spike rather than a Varun, got me confused at first as to why I could not fire it properly. But at that point why not just have a Spike on it in the first place instead of confusing players with a Varun that works like a Spike? Jubokko is just a hindrance to your own teammates, stopping them rather than bothering any enemies. The defender has awkward for me-button placement, especially the Daze, which is also only a single fire daze rather than 2 bursts like a normal one does. Or it might be an interceptor meant to deter against the goalkeepers jubokko? Honestly I am not sure the car sucked to play with like all of them, it’s on an Echo cabin so enjoy playing football on a heavy build. It works way better as a goalkeper than the goalkeeper does.

The attacker or whatever is the usual normal car you are all used to, spike, skinner and boosters. Handles poorly and goes fast. Nothing special, probably the best one for the veterans of this god forsaken mess

I was thinking of possibly grinding finally for the whistle horn, but after some matches I decided that I just would rather not, They tried something new again but it’s still not fun or working properly

Only thing to look forward to is the new parts, which they are gatekeeping for who knows what reason, probably have not even finished making them. Hoping there will be a light pack, the sour taste in my mouth really makes me want to skip buying any “properly priced” packs

This. Both are terrible and have no incentive to grind them. Maybe soccer/football could be fun but with constant leavers and asinine matchmaking it will become unbearable.

I guess I uncovered the Foxy’s Secret. She’s the one making those miniBP. This is why she started posting herself on the last two :laughing:


Her onlyfans

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We should replace little Sam with you, you at least try to sell us the flavor of the brand… lol

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this mini battle pass is kinda junk as the lengarys cost more to build then their worth. it would of been better if they deleted the legandy blue prints and replaced them with 650-1300 lighters and maked the best mini battle pass ever. And alowing players to get their hands on more fused gear from the main battlepass.

Has anyone tried the new confrontation mode yet?

It has not started.

But you can earn points for it in PvP.

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Today I downloaded Monkey’s 2 Cyclone, 3 Destructor, and 3 Porc builds and modded them up for my Confrontation loadout. I’m calling it right now. Cyclone/Porc for the win. Triple Porcs on 4 Omnis Golden Eagle Growl cab is way too much fast omnidirectional firepower for the format. A clean hit nearly one shots everything, there are no hovers or Flashes, and every build is either running 4 purple wheels/legs or is running teal or blue wheels. either way, Porcs put everything except Sleipnirs on the ground.

Cyclones (I recommend Harpy Golden Eagle, 4 Omni) have way too much durability, range and damage for the format. Use Omnis or Gerridas with Falcon co-driver for the -spread perk.

Confrontation was envisioned as a place where new players could go and have a fair matchup against vets. That isn’t happening with 3 Porcupines being the ultimate meta.

I think Nothungs, Hammerfalls and Destructors are also quite good at the power score.

Thanks Monkey, for breaking the new game a month before it came out.


If that’s true, I’m with you… no real chance at acquiring new parts, so that’s a huge motivator for my weekly play gone. Maybe this is good news and I’ll find something more productive to do with the little time I’ve been putting in the game anyhow.

I did mine when almost as soon as they released it (that’s when I got home from work - I wasn’t sitting around sweating it). It took 2 attempts, but then came through fine.

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I wish I would’ve never touched this game. Back in 2018, I wasted countless hours grinding away at this game. I was addicted. I don’t recommend it to anyone.

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Sorry to hear you might be leaving. I think the developers are moving to Clan based challenges because Clans players are the best salesmen for the game. I also think Crossout is more fun as a party game that you play with your friends.

If you like to lone wolf, there is no requirement that you actually hang out with other players to complete clan based challenges. You can join or start a clan, not associate with anyone, and get lots of badges through your shared individual play.

Who knows? You might like it.

Your welcome :slight_smile:

I flooded the exhibition with 9k builds hoping that something would stick :slight_smile:

I’ll be refining builds and posting new ones after I play some of it and get a feel for what really works. I’ll be taking a more META only approach.

It will only take a week or two and the whole mode will be refined into a few builds.

I think your 4 Imp rush build is really going to stick as well, but unfortunately, I don’t have any Imps.

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