Unlocking blueprints

i just wanted to pitch this idea out there.

what if we had some weapons added into the game that you needed blueprints to unlock their permanent spot on the workbench for their assigned faction?

how it would go is you need 10 pieces of the blueprint to unlock it, each faction will have a few of these blueprints, and you have the chance of getting a piece of a blueprint depending on what mode you do. pvp would have lets say a 10% chance to get one per round and pve would have a 5% chance. however events would have a solid 15% chance win or lose. in pvp and pve youd have to win your matches to get the chance at getting a blueprint piece. once the blueprints been unlocked you stop getting pieces for it.
i think it would be a fun idea to help unlock some blueprints that were once lost in the wasteland.

i had this idea from the past when we had to aquire fractions / pieces of the porcupine, firebug, etc other relic weapons. i thought it would be fun to have a throwback to those days. idk what do you all think?

It’d be interesting. And perhaps have these fragments added to Adventure mode?

yes, we can have fragments added to only adventure mode to. you can come across these fragments as you explore around, uncover trash piles, do missions, and destroy enemies and convoys and stuff. however there may be more added to adventure to permanently unlock some blueprints. like 50 fragments per blueprint but they have a 15% chance of being found normally, 5% chance being found destroying enemies and 25% chance of being found doing the events in the mode.

you can accumulate these fragments and each blueprint needs a certain amount to unlock. when you unlock it its permanent. you can make the weapon anytime you like. id make it so a few weapons can be gotten from it like mgs, shotguns, rocket launchers, cannons, etc.

idk it just seems like it would be fun and gives adventure something to do lol.