Unlocking the R2D2 co-driver

Step 1

I took off Grizzlie from my drone build
Result : all remained inside healthy parameters

Step 2

I hesitated a bit between Hertz and the R2D2
I ended up going with R2D2

It maybe seem a waste only for 1 drone, the sidekick… but wait. It also works with my Hawks

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R2D2 can get really gnarly if you happen to get the same fusing perks on your drones that the co-drive also provides. The stacking is OP.

that’s my next stop, i just finished building 16 hovers (to sell) next i will build a Thor and after that drones.

thanks for that hint about the UI in the garage.

R2D2 hmm :thinking: I wonder what Disney or Lucasfilm have to say about this.

Most probably and by this time some BS about gender or race swap .

like the context from this one = Netflix’s Cleopatra


Disney is more Bait and Switch


you mean R-Type 52?

I think he got it right the first time :wink:

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R-type 52 is the one we lovingly call R2D2 or Wall-E, so, since it’s a nickname, Disney can go F themselves on it :slight_smile:


Why so much h8 on Disney ,do you not like Mickey Mouse? :crazy_face:

Micky Mouse, although created by Walt Disney, isn’t the Disney Corporation. The Disney Corporation (the thing that came into existence after the death of Walt Disney is straight up evil (as evidenced by their attempts to make sympathetic villains out of hardcore evil characters like Stormtroopers and bounty hunters [originally inspired by Nazi soldiers]). Subsequently making icons out of Darth Vader and Palpatine. Disney wants people to be okay with “evil”.

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Guys, let’s not get into politics.
Some of you have some serious brain worms, and it’s taking all my energy to resist the urge to mock you.
I don’t want to get suspended again for talking politics, so can we just keep it off the forum?

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I see some people believe in conspiracy theories or to much Alex Jones :upside_down_face:


this isn’t politics, this is entertainment.

No, what they want to do is to replace all the main characters on their most prominent trilogies and replace them with “diversity”, “strong female characters” and to get the “message” through never mind the rest like good scripts, good story telling.

Yes, i’m white but i’m not evil.
I didn’t have any problem when they swap the genre of Starbuck in Battle Star Galactica, my favourite show up until now, full of strong female characters like.
Caprica Six, Athena, Kat, D’Anna, President Roslyn, just to name a few.
Because it was a extraordinary well written show.

You have Ripley, Xena, Gabriella, Sarah Connor, Col. Deering and so many others but they aren’t relevant for the Woke agenda (very similar) to the bot of Robison family.
and for the Woke’s lack of talent.


The new battlestar was pretty dope.


Don’t be a crybaby.
And yes, that is absolutely political content, and not appropriate for the forum.
I could make a very long post explaining where your viewpoint comes from, and how people with lots of money are selling you that viewpoint, but that would again be dragging politics into the forum, where it doesn’t belong.

I’ll simplify it for you: you can’t define the word “woke” without getting into politics. And I will also bet that your definition of “woke” has nothing to do with the actual history and meaning of the term. You’ve been sold a bunch of lies.


First, i won’t go through that rabbit hole of discussing Woke’s politics, because
a) I don’t care
B) according to the “lies i’ve been sold” i’m at the same Wing as them (the wing is long, mind you).

I can’t watch a series anymore, The Last i watched was Game Of Thrones until the 7th season then i stopped ,and the films, i often see a 2 hour film in 10/ 15 minutes.
I already said, between Star Trek, Star wars, Battle Star Galactica (2004/2009)
I prefer BattleStar.
JJ Abram’s episode was just a more recent New Hope and Last Jedi in one. It brought nothing new or exciting.
By far the best and only episode that i would recommend seeing of all of this mess Disney is pumping out is Rouge One.
In the Marvel front the best was Infinity wars and the endgame after a decade or so building for that.
The Witcher, I wasn’t even paying attention , i started watching because the Superman was doing it…and what an awesome season it was, what the F happened?
I could go, on and on.
Do you want Diversity? Representation? What about PRIDE? ( a film about the miner’s struggle and LGBT )
An awesome film. Extremely well written and well executed

My only problem with Woke movement it’s lack of talent, they don’t even know how to do propaganda

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‘Your speaking to yourself’ thinking you can change another humans mind to think like you…lets keep this forum about the game…shall we? :crazy_face:

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Alex can suck a big toe. My conspiracy theory was not heard from some else, no, just pieced together from being alive for the last 43 years, and paying attention to whats going on. I can’t expect people younger than 30 to see what’s going on, but I can expect people over 40 to see it. Because it’s actually happening right in front of our eyes.

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