Unofficial official knight mayhem topic

Hello~, Hello~,

Light here to talk about the new Mayhem game mode, “Knight Mayhem”.

For the old ones this is the 4th iteration of it with a leaderboard.

However, this time, they changed not only the thematic but also the way points were calculated.
Previously, regardless of win/lose of the party, you were rewarded in points accordingly to your efforts. This time is different: Does not matter how impressive you played if your team loses you earn jack shit.

For solo players, this is simply killing it.
I’ve been a great fan of the Mayhem event every time it happened (and reached the top 5 the last 3 times) but this time? It’s close to impossible by myself as I end up not being rewarded by my own skills but depending on the overall team i end up with: team i get assigned quite randomly

=> So, yeah, change the fuckin points system back since no one ever asked you to change it like that.

That aside, a change of thematic gives some fresh air to the game mode so i’m not against it.

It’s a big unbalanced in my point of view as the inability to go backward effectively for the fire launcher and canons make them far harder to play than the others. The corvo is especially strong at the moment…

Getting crates every day is a good incentive to play the game mode so that’s nice. Its rewards on the other end are a joke.

The rewards you get from ranking up are not as good as they once used to be but the final crate is a practical one so, on that one, I really have nothing to complain about.

Would have enjoyed a little more decors since it’s a new thematic though.

Quite interesting to see that there is absolutely nothing related to the garage range this time. You guys figured out those things were useless finally?

Anyways, I hope the game mode can be improved when it comes to the point system. Having to win the entire game to get something and not go into negative just destroys the whole point to me (and solo players in general in my humble opinion)

Here’s to illustrate:
Close to 5K points in score but since it’s a loss I end up with a negative amount of points for the ranking.
And i’m only at around 300~ with a cost of 12 or so to enter.

This is just impossible to climb and takes all the fun out of it

if your team wins 50% of time you will still climb the leagues, so just chill and anjoy. Its multiplayer - its not supposed to revolve around any one player. There is no really valuable reward ladder, like even in Arena - so what does it matter what league you are in? At the moment less than 100 peaple are silver - you need a lot of luck or clan teams to climb, but even if you dont - what does one lose? Still most fun mode since “Red Light” :slight_smile:


They just realized everytime they gave us new garage parts, we asked them to fix their broken garage building mode. No garage parts no problem :joy:

The page box reward are horrible:

10 electronics
10 wires
20 copper

That’s all I’ve opened so far.

As far as balance goes there isn’t much… Is it still fun to pay yeah a bit. Can you work on basic skills while playing it yes. Do I think the rewards are worth the time no.

if we ignore awards - its way more fun than Arena was. Probably most fun “arena style” mode we got so far. There needs to be more “prebuild free fun for all” modes. Grind is not everything.


I think arena had better rewards though but I didn’t bother with it as it started at the wrong time. I’m only playing this mode is because it’s the end of the season and I’m done with it. I’m not really finding it worth the effort though. 3x wins for a crappy reward. If I didn’t look for excuses to pop into pvp I probably wouldn’t deal with it. I can get the same large end reward via badges for just playing normally.