"Unreasonable" treatment in chat of a recent bedlam match

I’m going to start this off with telling yall who was bothering me, that person being x_Sainsbury_x. my apologies if this falls under witch-hunting or something like that. The stuff said about me seemed to completely pass by the moderator on at the time. I also feel that my chat block was unreasonable as i was simply expressing my anger towards Sains for what he said.

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They always penalize the player who retaliates.


“Just bend over, and don’t cry” should be the new Crossout 2.0 mantra for a variety of reasons, probably. I hear this particular complaint more often lately, I think. This is like the third one this week here. I get the impression they had a change in personnel recently, or had some evil epiphany (new software?) about how to ditch your scruples for money.

Compared to the game I was playing here 6 months ago, I hate this crap. It used to go through phases of BS, but now it’s on something of a sustained roll. I keep thinking it’ll get better, but it doesn’t. Every day I play it, the easier it is to do something else. Generally, I would vent my frustration here and wait it out, but I don’t think that’s going to work this time.

It sounds like they’ve got some new a-holes on the bankroll. Unless this OP is the same guy (alt) that posted here yesterday with a similar complaint, I’d say the frequency of this type of thing has increased.

Personally, I don’t do chat. I’d expect exactly this kind of BS otherwise. It’s part of why I have mine turned off. I have very low esteem for the general public, and I have come to expect this behavior.


Bedlam is a sh1tsh0w in it’s own right for most parts, For the most part it consists of people with very few brain cells left from sniffing their own farts for too long in their quest for feeling superior to other people when they get repeated kills on a 8000 ps build with their 15000 clan wars meta build, because maybe months ago said 8000 ps build was fighting another build in bedlam and one of their shots accidentally landed on a random player, and said player is friends or in a clan with the 15000 ps build or something equally retarded

This is generally the quality of people that you have in bedlam


Yup, chat mods are terrible.


Dah…everyone likes their own brand. Admit it. Your farts dont bother you at all.

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Thats how i was perma banned. Called a dude a wackadoo because he had made over a dozen accounts and kept trying to friend me with them and would constantly harass me in game chat. Wackadoo…the word wackadoo got me banned. Chat moderators are a joke man. And the garbage mod on this website refused to revert that. Just…insanity…


Really… Is that what you really said? Cuz getting banned for that is Wackadoo

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I know right? Or was it wackjob? Either way i was banned for calling someone a cuter word for crazy.

You might’ve used too cute of a word as a substitute, it was over 9000! Mods couldn’t handle it

I’ve been attacked repeatedly by the guy mentioned in the OP, but he’s not the only one who pulls KOS crap. When they show up, if their PS is close to mine, I’ll play; if it’s double mine, I just leave and come back later. Not much else you can do.

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Honestly for as long as I can remember I see the same people, give or take, pulling the same stuff, but never in regular pvp, always just hanging around in bedlam on their meta builds like they own the place

There should be more bedlam specific timeouts for these players, I am convinced there is a group of “endgame” players who don’t play anything but hog the bedlam and shoot the builds half of their ps