Unsure builds

I know that Crossout is a fictional world, but having a heavy-hitting weapon on a lightweight build just doesn’t feel right.

Someone brought this up a few days ago… look up A-10 Warthog - the rotary cannon with a lil plane attached. Then look up “tank boat” and get back to us. Mounting massive guns on little vehicles is a pretty established thing in the real world. I mean, they were mounting rocket launchers on Jeeps in WWII. :crazy_face:

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The big bang bang weapons on tiny builds never bothered me, and the weapons with kickbacks on hovers with no realistic recoil were something I didn’t get. slap 2 cannons the size of the original King Kongs wong onto a movement system not ankled to the ground, but can be fired with almost no kickback haha till recently


thats something i never got either. if you tried that with 2 cannons like that irl then i think your hover would be half way to mars xD
i think the cannons that would give the most kick back are the typhoons and mammoth / mastodons. i mean… try slapping them on the lightest cabin that can hold them in the game and youd see that they have quite a bit of kick back… or in some cases not enough.

i looked this thing up and its like a gigantic minigun on a small plane, do you mean that one?

i seen this one and i thought that was just funny as hell lol. still though it makes me wonder what kinda shells theyd fire and if theyd be effective on other boats. i mean… boats that size are made of cardboard. i wouldnt be surprised if when its fired it took the whole top off in recoil lol.

they did?? i wasnt aware of this. i never paid much attention in history class, it kinda bored me lol. still we never learned much about what happened in world war 2. interesting to know though.

this also made me die laughing haha!

Along with rocket launchers, they mounted just about anything they could on jeeps. You can find some crazy stuff out there. History class in school is a crime… Ruth ask the craft stuff that’s happened, they subdue manage to make it boring. Unforgivable.

And yeah, the A10 is the mini gun plane. It’s just a silly 30mm rotary Canon on wings. :joy:

The tank boat… It was commissioned by an Asian nation to patrol their islands and rivers which they have a butt load of. The turret is right off a modern German tank and fired, iirc, 120mm tank shells. Crazy fun.

considering most ships are made of toilet paper held together by gorilla glue id say that a bit overkill dontcha think? xD

i seen that pic and said “what the hell!?” lol. wow i cant believe they did that. its very interesting to see.

i thought that was just silly lol. next thing you know theyll strap a tank cannon to a plane.
still thats a massive gun, i seen a blueprint of it and holy crap the length of the gun and spool they use for it! or well… ammo canister?? idk what those things are called.

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Say no more, fam… I gotcha.
My grandfather actually helped design this one. It has been fitted over the years with both 105mm and 102mm howitzers (tank canons). :joy:

That’s just one of the weapons, though. All variants are bristling with guns, bombs and even precision missiles & rockets.

Are you familiar with Flash Gordon comics?

Now google Ekranoplane and see what it does

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Not particularly…

I know all about the ekranoplanes, though… Wild beasts!

Flash! Ahhhh ah!

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Generally, such a construction will not have great capabilities, and you can directly attack his cabin