Unyielding is working properly!

On September 12th I posted a topic about how Unyielding Patch was broken, having come in second place on defeated and had over 50 percent of the victorious team’s MVP. I was met with many skeptical players that I was incorrect in reporting that the patch was broken. They were quite certain that you had to be the number one defeated player to qualify for the patch. I replied that you could even be fifth place if you earned enough Reputation. Today I came in second place and was awarded Unyielding which is proper. The Patch has been repaired.

Second place defeated and I received the Patch. My skeptics were incorrect.

actually…(Free_pain) quit the match toward the end…because (xopiii) wouldnt be MVP if they stayed in. :crazy_face:

‘if Free_pain stayed until the end…you wouldn’t see the MVP icon’ and you wouldn’t get Unyielding.

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its simply amazing what you and roseanne can achieve with just the right amount of adderall.

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Finally, proof for your point. If I score high playing Cobras, Pythons and passive melee, then we usually win. So Unyielding is still broken!

Now I am not sure, because the Victors did not have an MVP.
But I did score over fifty percent of the Victors top score and should have received Unyielding.

Proof Unyielding is still broken! Now my title is incorrect!

682 doubled is more than the victorious team mvp player’s score. I should have received an Unyielding Patch but did not. Still broken!

It’s not broken, there’s just one unyielding/match.
Is this trolling or?

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Unyielding is repaired! Thank you Devs!

You see I came in third on the defeated.

You see I earned an Unyielding patch.

Excuse me sir but did you just fumble between your alts or something? (^%

I sincerely hope theydid NOT change Unyielding, it was one of the last meaningful stats in that game <‘>_<’>

Now it is broken again!

812 x 2 = 1624 > 1348 = Unyielding!

hehe, seems so. the tutor account had insane playtime years ago. i always thought it was shared but then he started posting. but it looks like this mightve been the z general all along.