Upcoming ballance changes: Ripper

I’ve been running rippers for quite a while now and really the upcoming changes are going to ruin the weapon even further. The main struggle that im having with them is that they extremely suck for a minelayer. It ussualy doesnt even ever do damage due to the melee physics, however if it does it doesnt deal nearly enough and only sometimes actually functions to take out someones frame. Also might it be an idea for when the blades are in the ground as a mine, allies will not collide with them. This has been quite a reocurring issue and it also makes it possible to block and troll teammates as one might say.

Anyone reading this i’d say leave what youd think about this. As its still really weak for a relic under my opinion. : (

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Yup - they were ok at removing legs as i play them but changing their damage to melee means either a 25 or 50% reduction in damage. WHY F*** WITH RELICS

The changes to HP and reload time are nice. The change to making it deal melee damage and virtually no damage to frames seems rather stupid in my opinion. I imagined they could do the exact opposite and give it a stronger version of the Blockchain’s perk, so I could use my Rippers to cut a spaced armor hover in half. But since they’re all made from frames and with bumpers protecting their guns, it looks like that will be the exact opposite of that. Rippers will still get shat on by (s)hitscan weapons.

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Yes - its not like they have any explosive damage or anything…just pure damage. All the bumpers wil also soak up the damage they currently do so its almost like why play them

I had order in for ripper but im getting second thoughts now. Scorpion can go all way thru so why can’t ripper? why do scorpion get special treatment?, at least do partial penetration it is a relic for crying out loud and i think durability was fine in first place i mean ripper ain’t got the largest hitbox.

it is in the name, it is suppose to rip up builds but now it will only do surface scratches, where do devs get their ideas?

Ah rippers, I hear you suck but you were fun to use in the crossout day event on that meat grinder build when trying to find the fabled balloon drone that nobody seemed to find, only for the hubcap to suddenly pop up in the market as a tradable item super suspiciously. I wish I could play with them but my wallet is not big enough

I think the changes are enough to make ripper good. Maybr on more mall buff after that and it might be fine.

Well, bruh stop buying rippers xd. If these changes go trough well ripper will be the worst relic by a long fair shot. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that this means rippers cannot deal/strip any weapons with bumper armor :clueless:

The minor reload and durability to mass changes are neat, but really it just needs an additional perk towards its direct attacking. Like ignoring 50% of damage reductions or something just to say an idea.