Upcoming changes: Did the dev team read all of our posts?

Ok, this is the first time I have read the upcoming patch notes and was like “I think they may have addressed everything we talked about in the last few months”

They may finally have someone telling them what we want?

Most of the time if they make a change that we talk about I would dismiss it as something they had already be planning and not that they listen.

But this time there is waaaaaay to much to say that.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.
I can dream.


I was just about to post a similar thread.
So many issues addressed in one update, and specifically things we’ve been talking about here. Seems like it can’t be a total coincidence, or are these the same topics they’ve been posting about on Reddit?

No idea, but I’ll take it as a win. :slight_smile:

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Like i always say. Devs listen to the community a lot. I have always fealt very heard. Ive had lots of my ideas used over the years. Im surprised your just noticeing they listen to us. Then again with your holier than thou- im better than u attitude im not surprised youve never noticed either.

They just cant make everyone happy with their balance changes. They do what they think is best for their game ultimately.

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I’m torn on this. Balancing common/rare/special cabs soGrowl isn’t the only one? Nice. 4 years too late but really nice :eyes:
Giving special cabs perks because they’re trash? buffing Bat->Pilgrim->Jawbreaker in that order because someone realized Jawbreaker was almost ok and Bat complete trash? Damn, that’s good, and only… 2 years late?
Reworking MLs so they actually walk, and letting us place them in any direction? 10/10
Reverting the Bigram power drain thing? 10/10

BUT… raising hovers PS because “they overperform at 5k” and not buffing wheels? No actual Oma nerf? What hovering clan is paying devs for these updates? (^%

The game will be much nicer from 2k to 7k PS for sure, and I can’t complain. This game was hell for newcomers when I started, and I’m sure it was hell lately with all the hover triple avenger bullshit. But yeah…

BTW if they’re trying to fix the obvious and long-lasting imbalances, I suggest Targem looks into buffing special engines, and those damn sub-epic wheels lmao.
Priority order for engines: Razorback->Dun Horse->Hardcore
Wheels: raise APCs to at least 90PS, lower common wheels to 30 PS, buff pretty much everything else but the racing wheels. Especially the chained, tractor, and twin wheels are garbage.


I know many guys that will be super excited about this change.

I also think this will help with hover dominance at ultra-high PS.

Hovers will still be great, but this might give Bigram guys more of a chance.


There may be mirror discussions on reddit.

I prefer to stroke my ego and think it is the forum suggestions.


Lol yeah, many of these suggestions have been around for years and I’m sure they where posted on multiple social platform even to include Russian VK and Forums.

But it was kind of odd that so many of those things we have just discussed in the last month or so.

Im not delusional to think that the dev team comes to this forum, but they might finally have one of those community managers doing their job and sending messages up the line.

I still think I’m giving them to much credit, but whatever :slight_smile:


I think they definitely read my "Nerf Avenger Nerf Catalina post. They’ are nerfing that build into the ground. Or maybe they were going to do that anyway.

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The previous balance adjustment was very much on par with what we were complaining about as well.


It’s not a coincidence, and I’m excited about it, but I want developers to have their own considerations


I think they have plenty of their own ideas added.


I have the same feeling. The 1-2 times, I thought it may have been a coincidence. Now I’m starting to think they really do listen to us.

We should be concise about our opinions on certain topics.


yeah, there were lets say 20 topics over the years in this and the old forum regarding growl. but obviously its the 21st that breaks the ice, totally makes sense.

or maybe its because the game has very obvious balancing issues and most of the suggestions take aim at those, so there is no need for any feedback because its plain to see for everybody, especially the devs. e.g. growl.

I doubt they would make any changes without internal data backing up whatever ideas we may have contributed.


Did the dev team read all of our posts?

Gawd, I hope they didn’t read all of them. I think some of mine were kinda mean, and I know some of the others are. Despite my personal criticisms of those guys, I would totally buy any one of them a beer, just out of sympathy and respect for the abuse they have taken at work.


They are already compensated for that. It’s called wages. It’s not like they are spending hours and hours interacting on the forum. (or reddit even).

For me, it would be a coke.


Well, I’m sure they don’t read any of them.

But it would seem that the community manager is at least summing up what we think in their reports to the dev team.


Sounds like a good point. They don’t deal with us at all. They conduct almost the entirety of their business with us through 3rd parties…I should buy Charlie a beer.


the devs use to look and comment on the old forum…
but they don’t like to see Off Topic toxic bs which is happening again in this new forum…

it’s sad to see these people who want changes and for the Devs to hear them but they always go Off Topic…

i will leave that there,we all can see who they are that’s hurting this forum and they all should be banned permanently… :saluting_face: