Upcoming Event - Twisted Metal Themed?

Good day survivors,

Quick question I am seeing interesting information coming out in Youtube content about a Crossout event that might start as early as Nov 24 or tomorrow. It appears to have Twisted Metal type theme.

However, looking at the leveling rewards they appear to be … how do I put diplomatically … somewhat underwhelming. You have the option to pay the $9.99.

However, can someone explain the why we should invest time in this event? To be fair I purchased the last season events, like the one that occurred with Chase, but that comes with structure parts, legendary weapons and cabin for the same price as this upcoming event. (Plus, all kinds of decor and other cool stuff.)

“Scratching head here”

I do appreciate that Crossout keeps the game fresh and is gives us options. Like fusing items with event swag. (Like lighters in this case.)

Your help and explanations are much appreciated.




Hey hey!!
I have no official answers but, from watching the Russian stream (I don’t speak Russian though), it looks like among the rewards are a new type of Blueprint Slot where this events blueprints can be saved.

I’m speculating that Bedlam might be getting a new game mode where we can use these blueprints. PURE speculation on my part.

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Thanks mang!

I appreciate your youtube videos and fun content! You put the “A” into Awesome!

Keep rocking and rolling


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I wish I could give you some REAL information, sorry I can’t. Glad you’re enjoying the content, support like yours from people like you are why I make it :slight_smile:

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