Upcoming Relics?

Many of you here don’t care about relic. I get it.

But some of us do. Isn’t it about time for a new one?


still waiting for a legendary Cricket after all these years :pensive:

No offense, I think the power gap between legendaries and relics is bad for the game. I remember when devs destroyed Mammoths to make sure Masts were grossly outperforming them.

This said if we get unique relics and not Flash “lol I’m the old OP Spark that got nerfed 3 months ago” bullshit, I’m all for it I guess.


I would like a new relic.

But not another rework of banner unlocks to go with it. Crap you already achieved shouldn’t just be magically moved to a brand new banner without it being unlocked.

But Im working on banner unlocks so… maybe I’m a bit focused on that.

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I highly agree here.

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I don’t really care that much, but if they add one, I just want it to be something unique like the porcupine or ripper (but not suck like the ripper). Adding a super powerful version of [insert random pre-existing weapon here] is just boring.

Probably because most people don’t own them or can’t afford them, but I’d like to see more relics maybe an oil slick flamethrower combo


Yeah, and paying 10x the price of a legendary for a better canon that is absolutely NOT unique at all is just silly unless you’re addicted to CW & Uranium. The big canon we had was just boring. The shotgun was painfully slow. Dull to play… Yawn. I’d rather have the variety of a bunch of other weapons than one or two supposedly OP ones.

I love the idea of a grappling arm that slowly crushes an enemy vehicle… cloak up, ram someone, grab em & slowly crush em.

The oil slick sounds fun, too… Imagine sliding on an unseen oil slick that then gets ignited.

Dying by either would be an honor. :rofl:

how would you know, afaik you have never owned relics.

also im not sure you understand the other guy, he totally bought some typhoons when they were op, with the cc, he is an average bp level buyer after all.

I already posted a video clip from my son’s account, and that’s all the proof your trolling little pedantic self is going to get. In that it’s technically my son’s account, then you’re right. I’ve never owned relics. If owning relics makes you feel good about yourself - like you’re superior - then I’m going to let you wear that little blue ribbon. From where I sit, it appears you need all the validation and self-esteem boosters you can get.

All hail the muppet… king of the trolls.

Carry on, carrion.

i gave you a step by step blueprint to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt without exposing your nickname. by showing relics in the inventory and writing something in the search box.

then you linked a clip where you can see a vehicle with relics. thats no proof at all which, given i told you how to do it, made you look even more suspicious. even more so because the actual proof would have taken way less effort than (than is comparative, then is temporal, to whom it may concern) the little clip you linked.

calling bs if you crap on the sidewalk im walking on.

no i dont care about relics at all, if i get subs and likes i make a video of me scrapping the ones i have, maybe. i do care about liars though and will call them out if caught in flagranti. your balls getting hot already?

and lastly, im glad you decided to unblock me and stop your taking away my right to free speech, friend.

liar, liar pants on fire!

you showed a clip that supposedly is from your kids account showing a build with relics, or just some random 20s clip of anyones account with relics you downloaded. just follow my guide how to prove it.

you bending over backwards to not show proof should be a huge red flag for people with a brain.

arrr, so close. just delete the second half of your statement and youre there. and then go think about all those times you completely misused the term free speech because its how youve been told.

Not my fault the dev team are lazy, fat drunkards you rather make tweaks to existing stuff instead of making a brand new mold/model

The oil slick should have Russian Vodka and tears mixed into it as their lack of bandwidth and too much rusky lag in radiance gives me tears

If your were referring to me I don’t own any relic cannons padman

You mean Queen of trolls

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