Update or remove daily weapon challenges!

Seeing as the daily challenge for doing raids was completely removed by the devs, which I think is a good decision, it seems the devs don’t mind listening to player suggestions and removing or changing things from time to time. I love this game and all of the weird, quirky weapons it has, so why am I still, years later, being forced to win 5 matches with the Holy Trinity of Shotguns/Machines Guns/Cannons every. Single. Day??? Please please please we need either every other weapon category added to the dailies to mix things up and make the daily grind more interesting, or just remove the challenge completely and replace it with something else that isn’t so insanely restrictive. This game has dozens of weapon categories. The challenges must start to reflect this.

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I’m gonna quote myself from another thread:

Yeah, they should definitely focus on including more weapon categories in daily challenges and stop encouraging using only these current basic ones. There are so many unique and fun guns yet I feel like most players use something from that base trio…

That beeing said, some of the guns are kinda weird and would fit in none of these categories. Also there are so many weapons that these groups would become way too large very soon. I think newer players could feel overwhelmed when trying to learn what weapon is part of what group. And lastly, adding any new weapon type would require updating the groups.

Personally I would love to see a different solution - change these challenges to “Win 5 matches with one of the selected weapons” and then it randomly chooses 3 or 4 weapons from your storage. In that way you would always get a challenge including a weapon you have and enjoy (simply keep only the cool ones!) and any weapon could be a part of the challenge - even the newest or weirdest ones! It’s a win-win!

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The problem with adding more categories is that it hurts newer players who depend more on the daily challenges.
Having said that, adding more weapons to each of the three categories could work, especially if they changed the definitions.
It could be “reload weapon”, “overheat weapon”, and maybe “melee”? There are probably better ways of defining them, but it should be in a way that new players could complete them with common weapons.

That sounds horrible, as I often have weapons I don’t like in my storage. I would hate to log on and be like well there goes my dailies for today, especially if it happens multiple days in a row.

The necessity of learning the basic weapon only persists at the start of the game. If it’s that much of a bother just change it after lvl XX (where XX is greater than 30) that it switches the condition to Just win with any weapon. That would give a player at least 10 levels outside of the kiddy pool to finish getting use to the base weapons. After that the type of weapon doesn’t really matter that much.

Talking of challenges that suck, the fuel one.

Yes I would love to strap an extra explosive bit to my build and have to avoid taking any damage or get it blown up.

I hate the addition of these weekly challenges, I make same amounts of levels per week as before, but now they’re much more complicated to gain

i’m sure they were thinking it would be better to have different things instead of the same thing everyday…
or they want u to buy those weps…

either way…it’s more important to suggest what you would like to see in the dailies… :crazy_face:

Maybe they could be redefined as close range, medium range, and long range? That way every weapon could be part of one category, and it would still be accessible to new players who just have common weapons?

That probably would work.

The problem with adding new things to dailies is, if it’s not a common or a rare; then a lot of new players get negatively effected.

then suggest what they should add…you know the community manager reads this and passes it on to the devs. i hope they do anyway…

just list ideas for new dailies…
example: “cap a base 2 times”

I get that but I’m saying a little forethought is required so we don’t end back up where we came from. I.e. a system that was largely un-completable by new players (old season system).

My personal reasoning toward this machine-gun/shotgun/cannon daily challenges is simply that devs want those challenges being accessible for everybody, even for beginners in common rarity. Since those weapon types are the only ones in this rarity, those daily challenges won’t change weapon types at all, the way I see it.


Maybe we could have additional challenges with other weapon types that also give out a reward for completing them.

I only care about the balance adjustment content and the timing of the new weapons.I don’t care about the little reward, I hardly ever purposely do these daily challenges with weapons unless it happens to be the same as what I want to play

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This is me too, I have not done that stuff intentionally in years.

I do what I want in game and if it also happens to unlock some free stuff then great, if not… then great :slight_smile: it don’t mater to me.


I do think this is a very important part of the game for people that like to complete tasks. Different personality get addicted to different kinds of things. :slight_smile:

I prefer to play Crossout like Minecraft. I give myself goals and missions to do. In minecraft no one told me that I needed to build a giant battles arena, but that’s what I wanted to do :slight_smile: lol. Crossout is the same for me.

With all of the personalities we have seen on this forum over the years, it seems people are drawn to this game for many different reasons. We don’t have to enjoy all the modes the game has to offer, but I’m glad they are here for the ones that do enjoy them.


You are not required to do any challenge. My personality is such that if given a challenge then I must complete it, like reaching the Scrap, Wire and Battery limit every week. But, because Batteries are so worthless, I did eventually stop reaching the Battery limit most weeks. It takes 10 minutes to load a build with the required Weapon and win 5 Patrols.
If you cannot handle the Challenges as they are, then let them go. You do not need that tiny bit of Scrap do you? A new player with Chords, Luparas and Avengers might.

Sounds to much like work to me.

But yes, you make a great point. Some people are like that. So it’s good to have that in the game.

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One thing they could fix that’s kind of involved in dailies is the exp (rep) bonus limit being rather low. By the time I finish the dailies and spend my fuel I’ve usually have come somewhere near the limit for the day. If there’s extra events going on as there often are it’s even closer or over. I’d like to see this limit increased.

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So choosing some random weapons from player’s storage could still meet that requirement

Glad this managed to gain some attention and got some constructive ideas.
My gaming personality definitely falls into “Give me a challenge and I will toil to complete it”. I don’t care so much for the admittedly measly reward of like 160 scrap or whatever it is, it’s the act of completing all the challenges that makes me enjoy the game. I obviously also agree that the challenges should still cater to new players, so having a daily challenge that is like “Win 5 battles with Flamethrowers, Pulse Accelerators, or Crossbows” definitely isn’t what I want to happen.
My suggestion for an updated weapon challenge list does follow what was said already, kind of a “short range, mid range, long range” kind of challenge. Shotguns, Flamethrowers, Melee, Mines, etc in Short Range; MGs, Autocannons, Laser Drills, Course Rockets, Plasma Emitters, etc in Mid Range; Cannons, Pulse Weapons, Artillery, Crossbows, Plasma Guns etc in Long Range. It’s not perfect, but it benefits both new players who still get MGs, Shotguns, Cannons, and veteran OCD challenge completers like me who want to use Porcs, Destructors and Pyralids.
Alternatively, grouping the weapon challenge lists as damage types could work. Like, do Bullet Damage or Energy Damage; do Blast Damage or Melee Damage or Thermal Damage; Much easier to check which category a weapon falls into because every weapon has their damages types on their parameters.
I still think the best thing to do would be to just remove the challenge entirely and replace it with something totally new. Destroy 10 weapons in missions, destroy movement parts, get 5 kills, etc. Accessible to all players of every experience level with every type of weapon without restricting what players can and can’t play with.


That’s a great idea! Not only it is extremely simple but it also wouldn’t limit you to any particular playstyle. Weapons dealing bullet/blast/energy damage are so varied that you could make almost any type of build to complete the challenge.

Of course, thermal and melee weapons are more limiting but in order to keep new players be able to complete these challenges, these damage types would have to be combined with something else anyway.

So I believe something like this could work - add some new common energy weapon (a plasma emitter or something simple - this wouldn’t take much work I assume) so new players can deal energy damage. Then change the current weapon-base challenges to: “deal bullet damage” (I believe this is the most common damage type so I wouldn’t add anything else here), “deal energy or contact damage” (melee weapons are most limited in terms of playstyle but energy weapons are extremely diverse to compensate) and “deal blast or thermal damage” (if you’d like to get close and personal but avoid taking self-damage with explosive weapons, you could just use a flamethrower).

I’m probably missing something and that wouldn’t be the best solution either but I absolutely love the general idea and think it is worth giving a thought.

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