Updated co-drivers perks, animations,costs, and descriptions (and names!)

so i was able to get into the test server again, they did CONSIDERABLE changes in the co-drivers, here are them:

> if those embed do not work use this one and zoom in to read:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

> if those embed do not work use this one and zoom in to read:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

what are your opinions on the changes done to co-drivers?


Good stuff, but it’s a real pain to see so i’ll do this

i for some reason the crossout forum does not allow gifs or videos in embeds, i made them videos because the co-drivers are animated now

also, the co-drivers’s abilitys now appear on your bottom bar

It looks neat. Definitely a plus.

I finally got on the test server. What a miserable experience. I’m in such a bad mood now. I wish I had never done it. I have no idea what people like about the 16K ps bracket. It’s not for me, that’s for sure. I have nothing nice to say about that experience, and it was difficult to tell if the co-drivers did anything, because the match-maker’s balance is so wonky.

The one thing I did notice is that my Hulk’s rotation, when buffed by Billie, is like an Auto-Cannon. It’s crazy fast, but they hit like a wet noodle in there, so it didn’t do me any good. I might as well have been using Chords.

I didn’t notice any difference with the structure part mass increase on my builds, so hooray for me, but good luck with that.

I couldn’t really form an opinion, because what’s going on in there is nothing like the game I usually play…and my experience playing at 16K was pathetic. I’d rather do the dishes.

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hehe, sounds like not much has changed with how the test server is set up and how useful it is, outside of garage testing that is.

at least now you know what its like and hopefully to take with a grain of salt the things people claim to have seen/tested on a test server. and also why its dumb to suggest voice chat is necessary to test things there, lmao mudnbeer.

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I know I’m in the minority, but I am excited about the new codrivers.
I’ve already got ideas for each of them, and it looks like all my builds will be hitting a lot harder. Of course I’m going to get hit harder too, but that’s fair.



I like the new co-drivers more than current ones, but I’m honestly more excited about the chase coming back, it was already really fun on the test server, but it gave no rewards (8 plastic for both a win, a partial win, or a loss)

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I’m excited to try these drivers out.

But I think at the end of the day, a few will stand out as the go to drivers.

The first thing people need to do when looking at the new drivers is read the perks and try to guess what build the devs want us to play with that driver. THEN take those builds and toss them out the window and ask yourself “what other builds can abuse this driver”

I’m sure these drivers will stand out very fast.


I’m glad I could see all their costs at least here. When I logged into the test server yesterday it had everyone unlocked except 2 even though I copied my data over at the start of the session. So I couldn’t see the cost per codriver’s.

U played 16k with a hulk build?

It wasn’t my choice. It’s me with a 7K build put into matches with all 16K builds. Blame the matchmaker. I don’t have the inventory to build anything functional anywhere near 16K.

Plus, I have no interest in builds like that. I’d be just piling crap on the build for no reason other than just to achieve the high PS. I don’t see the point.

Ah. Makes sense. Not a lot of people to play against on the test server, so there isn’t realllly mm lol. It’s just whoever is there. And playing things twice your powerscore is gonna suck hard.

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You could have tried the new raid, no fuel costs and it was extremely fun, and co-drivers functioned there

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Probably should have. I’m glad to hear that part of the update works good.

I liked the improved rotation speed on the Hulks with Billie. Combined with my Oppressor It was maybe a little ridiculous, but I’ll take it…until they nerf it.

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