Updated map “desert valley”

I’ll copy & paste the text but to see the images, you’d need to check the link or go to the news section on the Crossout website!


In the next update, in addition to the return of the “Steel championship” and the rework of the mechanics of obtaining items for the ranges, we also plan to completely update the “Desert valley” location. As you have informed us, the location can definitely use a number of improvements. It’s time for these improvements to be implemented!

And we will start with the most obvious: the map has been redesigned in terms of its visuals, from the environment to individual objects on the location.

One of the bases was moved further away and a little lower in height relative to the other. The changes have equalized the time it takes for the teams to reach certain positions on the location, as well as made it more difficult to hit the opposite base when shooting from your own base.

The bases have become more spacious, and now they have additional covers and shelters to make the gameplay more variable.
The configuration of the driveways on the “lower” base side has also been modified. You can see the result in the comparison below
Some small objects that were more of a hindrance than providing any kind of cover, have been removed from the map
On the contrary, a number of other objects that played an important role on this map, were made more noticeable
The grid spacing of the landscape has been reduced several times. This change should make moving around the map smoother than it used to be.

Share your thoughts about the redesigned map in the comments!


Changes are right on point. Better visuals(although can’t say I didn’t like how it was)
Much flatter terrain is really welcome. Proper crafts don’t have problem traversing it, but still felt like it was just to damn much of terrain.

Oh boy I sure hope they don’t ruin it in one way or the other like they usually do when they update maps

But at least on paper the changes don’t sound that bad

I personally not a real fan of map flattening, but this map was hill central, hopefully some hills remain. Main reasons I don’t like flattened maps and in map invisible walls are they mostly give advantage to W pushers.

So how are you guys liking the new map? I hate it, they turned this map that needed a bit of driving around if you wanted to do anything into a barely move 5 meters from spawn and snipe everything-map. They just made it too flat and open, yeah the hills in the middle of the map were a pain from time to time but also aided in avoiding enemies but now it’s an absolute no brains needed not much moving around needed map. All the little passageways and areas ruined into one big open space.

I still wait for the day they don’t make a map worse with an update.

I’ve only land on it once so I can’t say much. Didn’t really get to do a lot of driving around on it in that time even though was there the full match.

Had it twice, seems nice so far