Updated Omni Wheels

Are now broken.
When you drive forward, turn and then stop, the car get all wobbly for a second.
They should be renamed to wobbly wheels, because thats what they are now.

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nice! :crazy_face:

Like just point the camera, duh

Is it the flex in the wheel’s shock springs? I tried testing it, but it’s hard to test if the Omni doesn’t have a brake that can be activated instantly. A year ago, I could insta-brake by pressing a key for another movement direction. But not since the update around March 2023.

And there still seems to be excessive uphill slowdown. The same issues with the Atom.

2024.02.16 001
I’m now testing this new car (after the Heather nerf), and it turns out I need instant braking for artillery, just like I did for the Clarinet. (The car is on the exhibition, “Grasshopper.”)

I kinda dig the new handling. They just need to remove the excessive loss of speed uphill.