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Hey… so… just wanting to express some frustration around this weapon upgrade event. I get that they’re available in the current season pass to craft with lighters, but why does that restrict me from fusing weapons that I’ve owned for over two years? Cyclones are just by chance in the list of craftables this event, by no means are they new or “exploitable” by the event… so why do players who happen to have the weapons selected to have craftable options in the event not get to take part in this event?

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The alternative weapons that are up for lighters are just alternative rewards it’s not an upgrade event.

Correct, but they’re excluding Cyclones and a pretty extensive list of other legendary weapons from this upgrade event because they’re available for lighters in said seasonal event.

Well said. There is no reason you should not be able to fuse items that share the crafting table of seaonal lighter exchanges. If anything, you are gambling for less desirable excahnges than they currently offer. You should absolutely be able to fuse any OG weapon during a mass weapon fusion event.

This REEKS of greedy monetization. Coming from one of the few guys who doesnt see crosscrowns as a scam.

Fix it now developers, it shun a percentage of your population for little-to-no-to-less-than-you-wouldve-made otherwise.

So you’ll buy the battle pass instead and get them that way. Milking money out of players > any kind of player friendliness, always has been, always will be.

I read the post wrong :wink: post removed

I do have the battle pass. Here’s the fun part. To get a triple set of fused cyclones… yeah you’ll get one for “free”, to buy enough Crosscrowns to get the lighters for the other two costs exactly $295.00 if you don’t get any bonus tiers through challenges. I ain’t doing that xD

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I was gonna fuse myself some whirls, since the battle passes of the past gave a gracious singe gun whoopee, but then I looked at my overall coin situation, 3300, and realized that I could basically got 1 gun with the fusion I want, or not even that, and decided I do not want to play with the rng

I mean “technically” it’s possible to get 2 whirls with the same fusions with 3300 coins, but then again it’s “technically” possible to get uranium from the free resource crates

On whirls it is not that important to have the same fuse. Any fuse is better then none.

It’s not like cannons, if cannons are mismatched fused then they are messed up.

I fused 3 Tacklers for 9K clan wars. Got 1 for Spread and 2 for Range. It took one refusion to get these. Tacklers are cheap as dirt on Xbox so I thought I’d get a set. I have a BP Vindicator to go with them.

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I fused a couple of low level parts, but I have been focusing on doubling up hardware & movement parts for those specials. I’m assuming movement parts will be next… I only have a few lower level movement parts to do, though.

The key is remembering to work on doubling up things you’d like to upgrade & being patient enough to sit on them for maybe a year before the next round of specials/sales come about.

Puny noobs… I laugh and spit in your faces! Behold… SM Hornet God Fusion! Ahahahahahahaaa!
Hornet God Fusion


How is this the first time I’ve noticed that guns have an explosion radius? Is that new?


it’s fake…fyi :rofl:
joke is u can’t upgrade whites… :wink:


Well, glad to find out I’m not crazy, but sad to find out that I am gullible.


:rofl: That gave me a chuckle.

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