Upgrade needs to be 1 item ...not 2

this game is slow enough…give us 1 item to upgrade our already expensive item…thx…
…and no one cares about an event that we use 1 instead of 2…so don’t even try to say it… :rofl:

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They need to make money, that’s all, forget all kind of logic

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there are events that reduce it down to 1 wait for those.

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I can imagine the insane level of crying entitled vets would do on forums if Devs reduced fusions from needing three parts to needing two. People would be spazing out and threatening to quit. It would be sooo annoying how much they would spam. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to lower it. I’m just saying…People are ridiculous. They’d scream, “compensate us or we’ll quit!”, like entitled brats.

I mean the first fusion discount event they did that and got shut down hard.

I have a ton of fused items (like 360-380+/-) and I would welcome the change with open arms.

I would love to have more fused items at a reduced rate.

well, thats with all system-changes. i didnt got my resources back from the old co-driver system screech :sob: :joy:

You got drivers in exchange for drivers.

They never promised resources.

It was a very fair trade.

you get a weeks worth of grinding ressources in exchange for your month worth of grinding ressources.

people who just recently bought lvl 15 definitely lost out bg time.

No one lost out. They bought drivers and they got drivers in return.

It seems like people are salty because the new player experience has been made better. Anything to reduce the grind is welcome.

Sure we all had to play when it was harder… but that was the deal at the time. And now it’s not.

So suck it up buttercup, rub some dirt on it and get back out to the battlefield.


nonono, i personally couldnt care less for many a reason. the utmost being the co drivers i had maxed, i paid for years ago after waiting for a year with the investment because i heard the codriver rework was just around the corner. it was 2018.

from that perspective its all fair. if you dumped 2k or so electronic for a max co driver two months ago however you got shafted with the reimbursement and im sure youre aware of that.

i was so proud of you when you acknowledged that its unclear how exactly “crossplay” is going to look and how you rightfully schooled tenshin. but here youre doing it again, saying false things.

its a good thing to reduce the ridiculous grind the old codrivers came with and if some get screwed in the process, good riddance! but fd in the a on saturday they did get, lets not lie about it.

Crossplay was different. Those are all facts.

The drivers thing is an opinion, and my opinion is drivers for drivers was the fair way to do it. Your never going to make everyone happy.

We can agree to disagree on this one.