Upgraded chameleon: What"range of detection by enemy" exactly means?

Upgraded Chameleon module
What “range of detection by enemy” exactly means?

from 0.13.60 update (04-2022)
- Now, at long range, the silhouette of an armoured car becomes barely visible if it’s moving at a speed of 80 km/h (previously - 100 km/h).
- Now the silhouette becomes visible from a distance of 100 m. (previously - 70 m.).

So fuzed chamelon with -15% “range of detection by enemy”, I’m partially visible at about >92km/h ? (80km/h + ~15%)

And when I’m under 80km/h, what is exactly the range to be “partially” visible? 25meter ? 30meter?? 35 meter???
Does -15% fuzed chameleon affects this?

Thanks for help

Maybe its range of detection when talking about your cloaked vehicle and the enemies invisibility detectecting radar. They dont see you as soon on their mini-map because of your upgrade.

Maybe the silhouette thing is something completely different and unrelated that they just did to nerf the cloak a bit for the eyeballs.

Just a guess.