Upper cabins weight is unevenly distributed

Epic cabin weight cap reduction cabin itself weight concentrated at about 7500kg.
Then there is the medium cabin of more than 9,000kg approaching 10,000kg(From 7950kg to 9250kg without any one epic cabin)
and then there’s omnibox, where specters and photons approach 11,000kg.
The last and heaviest medium-sized cabin spider has a maximum weight reduction of 12,750kg.
Then the smallest heavy-duty cabin echo for this number is 14500kg.

That is to say, there is only one cabin spider in the range from 10400kg to 14500kg
However, there are 5 cabins in the range from 9250kg to 10100kg
Not to mention the light epic cabins, all of which are in a small range of 7250kg to 7950kg

I hope there will be more cabins similar to totorero or spiders in the game, giving players more choices.
The ps of the cabin can be between 1500 and 1800, and the epic cabin can also sacrifice an electric power in exchange for speed rather than weight, and the strict division has no benefit.