Uranium raid

when ? :rofl:


If they limited it to like 1 Ore a raid and max it out at 10 per week, I think this could be doable.


I thought it might be feasible if they did it as clan raids as not every clan is into clan wars but its such a problematic touchy subject for some.


This is a good example, it’s kind of hella grind yes, but why not? Less uranium is better than none.


In fact, the most important part is that those who are not members of a clan can earn a little uranium.

It is unreasonable that uranium can only be earned by some of the top clans or only bought at insane prices.


I normally to call it a monopoly jokingly. It’s not a very good example of a monopoly though as just about anyone can get into a clan or even make one if they want. So it’s really not that horrible in that front, I think the larger issue is that it’s only available for certain limited PVP functions.

The quickest way I could see them developing a PVE version would probably be using the awakening map or one of the event brawl maps as they already handle instances of 4 players. I don’t think any of the CW players would be happy with any combat scenario that didn’t require a similar amount of time dedication though.

Another way would be potentially using some base building type of system where the clan members can collaborate to make a base that needs to be otherwise raided. That would be trickier though as you can’t have any way for clans to make it easier for other clans or players will exploit that.

No matter what the scenario is it kind of has to be fun and engaging enough for players to want it to be able to exist in the game. Extra points for it being something that is showcase able for the game on content streams i.e something that will draw new players or old ones back.

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yes I agree. We need some way for people to get Ore even if not in a clan. Even if it is a little bit.

I played top 10 for 3 years, during that time I was one of those jerks saying “If your not in a clan then you don’t get ore.”

In hindsight that is a very narrow view and very destructive to the community.

If you let someone get 10 ore a week without clan wars, it would still take them a little over a year to build a relic.
So no one could argue that they didn’t work for it.


It is about time for Crossout to evolve again. We had very limited items at the start of open beta. Some items were very costly to be unlocked. To opening up for players to gain items easier (missions can be done on PvP and/or PvE) was very welcoming.
The top weapons are still locked to Clan war players only. Unless players willing to spend lots real money to exchange for resources. This also in some way letting very small numbers of players to control the prices on Uranium which also affects the game markets(devs know which ones I am talking about).

I am also for this idea, not that I am in need to unlock the top weapons. Maybe the Uranium can be gain from other modes too. Not large amount, just a few. eg, weekly badges winners, best time to complete the races…etc
There can be monthly set of missions. The idea is to let players see all items are unlockable and stay to play.

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Any way to EARN uranium without having to be part of a clan is nothing but a good idea. I don’t want to be part of a clan, club, team, or support group. But I DO WANT RELICS.

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honestly i feel that there should be a mode that lets us earn 10 uranium per week. you remember the christmas event last year where we had to protect the truck from gronch? well what if we had the same kind of objective but its based off points. the longer you protect your vehicle the more points you get and the more enemies you kill the more points your team gets, not just that but it would be winter themed to. you have to do this in a howling blizzard. protecting your truck and making sure it makes its deliveries of goods. if you gain enough points you earn 1 uranium (2 for premium) up to a max of 10 - 15 per week. (i was gonna say 20 but i feel 20 is to much. idk.)
you can also get various rewards from this mode to and you get to choose what reward you get by choosing it in the menu. scrap, copper, wires and batteries are up for grabs. each giving a different amount based on the point totals.

im just throwing out ideas here honestly. i just really want to see more winter themed stuff.

Y’all talking about grinding for Uranium while one day I randomly got 1 Uranium ore from a visitor in my garage :rofl:
Only one and only that once, so I have one lonely Ur ore in my resources :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not really. I have a clan. I’m in a clan… I don’t have a schedule where I can be online and set up battles with other people, so having a clan is a moot point. I can’t use it.

Uranium is unobtanium to me.

That’s a different issue then what I was addressing up there in the thread via that sentence. Which is why I clarified it with the line after stating:

Which is what you’re stating.

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If only they’d fix it… I won’t hold my breath. LOL

I think they need to revert the best out of 3 situation first. As that will reduce the time constraints that the opposing CW players keep stating they would want to inflict on any type of alternate version. The suffering has to be roughly equivalent in both pvp or pve for uranium, that’s pretty much what I get out of all the conversations I’ve had in the past on the subject.

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There really should be a way to get uranium, even if not lots of it, that isn’t tied to Clans


Well CW’s be better if it was still based on each match you play instead of a series of matches, and what tier you’re on, but that goes against the grind factor of this game (spend hours of time for seconds worth of resources)

all that work just to find out ‘there’s nothing in the end’ :sob:

Another reason that even if I did have time for CWs, I wouldn’t bother.

I’d rather grind for resources I know I’ll get, then turn that into things I want.

Honestly, though, I don’t really WANT any new parts they’re coming out with or even the relics. I have the most fun in the game playing sub 10k.

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