Uranium raids

Copy-paste from another post I made.

Uranium raids

  • Only difficult raids, no easy, cheesable ones.
  • Very long, on maps designed specifically for them.
  • Point-capture based system, the more points along the path you capture and successfully defend, the more uranium you’re rewarded with, and there’s a big cache at the end.
  • You can opt out by returning to the start point at any time (ending the battle for you), but you get less rewards based on how many points you helped capture/defend.
  • Leaving the battle the usual way (Esc menu) nets you nothing.



you see, the idea is that you pay for stuff. making uranium farmable in raids cant happen unless the end is nigh.

the idea of making uranium raids super hard etc. cant work because bots, targem bots, can and will always be easily cheesed. therefore making it too easy to get uranium and relics. which in turn makes paying to win with relics obsolete which finally makes targem very sad.

on top of that cw and “competitive” play also attracts a special kind of player. a player willing to pay when mad and thats what cw is here for. so raids would also simply be too chill for uranium.

thats why it wont happen unless the game is about to be trashed and no more money is expected.


they will just do a ubisoft lol

Mupppet is absolutely right.
why make available to almost everyone something 90% of players have to pay for with real money?
that would instantly crash uranium price hence relic prices
we would cheese it in less than 2 hours , forcing devs to pull it back or change it until reward is irrelevant.
ATM the best CPH you can get in game is with gone in 2 minutes / steppen / cursed mines , breach /lost coast /steppen , or invasions ( with premium obviously)
a 4/4 team with good rotations can get 150 CPH which is the absolute most money you could make without exploiting market.
PVP is 60 CPH at the very best.

i play CW on monday i m around 500 CPH without breaking a sweat. and you come and say that everyone should get uranium ? HAHAHAHAHA !
i don t need to buy packs or mini seasons, i m exactly the kind of player the devs want out asap.
sorry , you re not in kansas anymore !

Not interested.
I wish i could scrap or whatever the 2 lumps of Uranium i have.
It’s the least appealing thing in this game, right after the market, absolutely pointless.
It’s just another feature of this game, it’s another thing that’s there.
I would play that raid as often as i play choppers (almost never ).

And that’s a good thing, Kansas it’s not a very good Battleship.

By the way

Fuck the market,
CW has no appeal ( nothing we can show off ), i can meet the nº 1 in CW in PVP and i don’t have the slightest idea he’s a top player, he hasn’t nothing to differentiate himself from the others.

I would love this, that way I don’t have to battle firedogs and relic users (as much) to get the relics to battle them. I might actually get uranium!! (I wish :sob:)

i dont think this would work. buuuuuuuuuut i came up with an idea before about league cups in a pve fight.

basically youd have different cup tiers: bronze, iron, steel, silver, gold, platinum.
based on which cup you finish you get different rewards. from bronze to platinum you can earn many different varieties of resources like scrap, copper, wires, electronics, batteries, engraved casings, etc from the different leagues. i was going to make a limitation to uranium in platinum but youd need to reach wave 40 in order to start earning it.
each cup would have their own number of waves to fight through and once completed you move to the next cup. it has unlimited lives and you only lose when all team members are knocked out at the same time. getting to platinum unlocks unlimited wave mode, just fight through as many waves as you can and earn resources. uranium could be earned at much higher waves.

idk if youd agree but raids would be to easy to get uranium. plus with the raids not being 2 randoms for each difficulty now i just dont see it working out.

Devs wont let crossout die just like the older games they have

The problem with these waves pve fights is that people kept finding ways to cheese them. Which makes them a little unsuitable for uranium. Most of the cheese methods in these were controlling the spawn points via team co-operation as enemies weren’t spawning in directions occupied by players. Part of that is mapping and the other part is procedural issues.

On a larger map they might be able to get around it similar to how data theft does it by switching defensive locations. The location swapping would probably have to happen after every few waves to keep players from maintaining a controlling position though.

“the more uranium you’re rewarded with”

Do you realize you get 1 ura for a CW win through most of the leagues? Not even one when you’re below bronze? Do you really believe Targem is going to reward you with double digits stacks of uranium for 1 raid? :sob: :skull: :sob: :skull:

It’s too early for that crap I didn’t even smoke yet today :triumph:

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I don’t think they care as much as it being unobtainable to earn for them right now.

yeaaaaaah… i am aware of that to. i was thinking of what they could do to make things better in the game. but i was also thinking of making a limitation on the amount of uranium you could earn from something like that to. so earning uranium can happen at wave 40 and you have a chance to earn 1 uranium per 10 waves with a cap of… idk 15 per week. i think this would be decent and be able to give players at least a chance to earn some. for those who do clanwars it would be a small bonus at the very least.

yeah making the map bigger would help to.
i also wanted more events that had the ravagers to that youd be able to fight against. something like defend your base, unlimited waves, or something like the event going on now where you capture the points and earn points, gain a certain number of points to win or something like that.

yeah and not giving people such advantages like camping spots and stuff.

I would rather prefer if they gave a bit of an incentive to play CW as a medium stuff player. We aren’t that many to play CW and for a good reason : without top level equipment you will be trashed. If they gave 1 uranium for 5 wins in CW regardless of rank once per week, that may push new blood in the mode and make it a more enjoyable experience for low level teams as they may face other low level teams.

That’s kind of why I pointed at ps brackets in another thread. However that wouldn’t help the number of non-pvp players that would like to earn it in some fashion or another.

its why i suggested the raid to or the cup leagues in that mode. it would be beneficial to have that as an option. BUT another option i could do is for the platinum cup, if you complete it, there is a reward of 10 uranium. its the longest in terms of waves but completing it would be worth the trouble. youd only be able to earn that 10 uranium once per week upon completing it though.

they could offer uranium at lower tiers. even if the rust and bronze league only get 5 uranium each thats still 10 uranium in your pockets and 500 coins as well to buy other better weapons or gear. sure its not alot but at least its something.