Use a radar and learn to drive

The amount of mindless goons driving directly into teammates is ruining the game. There are radars and a mini-map for a reason. Use them and PAY ATTENTION.


This game has little to no incentive to do well.

When you pretty much get the same reward if your team loses or wins it does not really mater.

PvP missions are a goof around mode where you grind resources, if you want competitive play then go play clan wars.

For all the years I’ve played this game people who ram teammates tend to fall under one of these catagories

  1. Actually bad drivers
  2. They’re donkeys trolling teammates
  3. This game lags, and has been laggy for almost a year but even in then past it lagged, so they may lag into teammates or walls etc
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Dude, I just want players to stop driving like morons and to also use a radar. Clans are stupid, I refuse.

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I’ve been playing for, I dunno, 7 years or something. I don’t remember this being such an issue with these dork drivers. It’s gotten really bad over the last few weeks, hence this rant post. You can usually spot the lag moments, we all have them. I’m talking about the clowns that continually ram into you as if you’re not there. I’m assuming to steal the kill or to just be dicks. It’s annoying.

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Those people fall under

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Maybe there are a bunch of new players?
(Trying to be optimistic)

I play between 8k-12k PS.

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Doesn’t take that long to get there

Most of the time people don’t really mind small bumps and bonks as it tends to happen as it is a vehicle combat game, of course you run into people from time to time who blow a fuse the moment any other build so much as grazes against theirs like they are impervious to any kind of physical contact, especially at a start of a match when everyone’s trying to move somewhere, and then get all pissy about it an either sd or start pinning and pushing teammates

only time I ever come across the problem of people driving into teammates is when either someone backs up against your side and then keeps backing up, making you unable to move anywhere and just be pushed along because crossout physics, then starts honking their horns and accusing of you driving into them and then start pinning you against a wall

Or when a teammate drives under your hover, gets stuck in structure parts and then gets angry how you’re blocking their shots while you are unable to move anywhere because crossout physics as they are still driving in a single direction full throttle

I understand why you complain, but It’s never going to happen in random PvP missions.

PvP missions are the place you can test new builds, goof off and not be so serious, grind resources.

Then you get to play with random non-competitive dudes. That is your choice.

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I still wish shit drivers got penalized, one way or another. Tons of games rekt people for friendly firing, I don’t see why this game couldn’t straight up blow your shit up if you’re in contact with a mate for 10s and keep reving your engine like a tard.
But then, fusions with no Contact module, taxying ML200 spiders, etc… Not easy.

Anyway, they’re not driving like tards because they don’t know how to drive. They’re driving like tards because 1 winning doesn’t matter and 2 there’s no penalty for doing so. Nobody’s going to tell me the average driver here is too dumb to realize he’s got a god damn allied car across his bumpers since 20s.

A first, soft way to do it, would be to reduce gains in case of defeat, and increase gains in case of victory. Make it 15-20%. Suddenly you’ll see people try harder to play decently in PvP. In general, this game needs to reward efforts and teamplay a lot more than it actually does.


Something like this is the only way and your still going to get guys that don’t care, but it will be better.

But without a change in how rewards work, their is currently no insensitive to win.

fix the high ping :crazy_face:
then you’ll see better drivers.


Maybe they should enable friendly fire and team collision damage, that would fix the bad driver issues in a short time.

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i run into this in raid most of the time, people always behind me when im trying to back out of the line of fire, forcing me to take unnecessary damage, people purposefully running into me using me as a shield and carrying me along with them, people driving up my rear bumper pushing me out of the way / into walls to get past me when theres 300 feet in any other direction… i could go on but it gets quite annoying to deal with idiots like them. there were a few people who wedged me, dragged me along and forced me to get killed by the boss as i couldnt get unwedged from their build, forcing me to get killed while they deal more damage and take less damage, its disgusting how some people act. its why i suggested long ago to make our cars not interactable though only interactable when flipping your team mater over or if you allow it with a special prompt.

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Not really, have you meet the people that play this game?

Im sure I would shot some people on my team by “mistake” a lot

You have to admit it would shake up the meta a lot of friendly fire was on.
They should do a friendly fire brawl, just to give us weirdos a taste.

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I always end up having team players block my cannon shots just driving around it would be rough on them.

It probably would be amusing as a side mode.

I’ve had similar happen but I was stuck in the middle of a line and couldn’t get out around the lead player without knocking them around because the other player behind me. I find it happens the most where players try to cherry pick spawn spots on a few bad for raid maps.

It’s always been pretty bad the worst are the ones that push you directly into enemy fire. I don’t think it has anything to do with lack of radar though especially at 8k - 12k most people aren’t sacrificing as much gear to fit into a lower PS at that point. I normally think it’s people that have low off the line acceleration that really just don’t want to slow down or sack any of their speed on turning.

I would love it if they did.

The taste everyone would get is people killing people they don’t like on purpose.

There are people in this game I would kill every time they where on my team even if I didn’t get a prize and I’m sure you have guys that would try to do the same to me.