Useless Support?

Has anyone else found that the Game Support department is particularly useless? I have gone around in circles with them on several issues, from 2 accounts apparently tied to me to my latest problem of not being able to complete the purchase of the latest battle pass. Has anyone found any way to get straight answers to problems?
Currently I explained I get a loop that occurs when I try to purchase the pass ingame. I select purchase, it takes me to the selection screen where I select the Battle pass and to pay for it using my Steam account, which has money in it. I click the complete and pay button and it simple brings me back to the selection screen again. I explain this in a support ticket and the answer is “can you please supply a screen shot of the error” There is no error message, it simply loops back to the previous screen, how hard is that to understand? I have spent the real cash money for a year’s premium subscription and I’m trying to figure out if it’s too late to Dispute the charge with my bank for failure to deliver. Suggestions anyone?

Just take a few screen shots for them one for each step. Even if there is no error code generated, it just lets them see what’s actually happening.

You might also want to contact steam’s support since it’s their payment system.

Steam want’s nothing to do with this. They say it’s all up to Crossout, they just provide the launch basically. I’ve used my phone to shoot a video of nothing happening. Ill report back as to how they respond. :slight_smile:

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Please tell us. Because i’m missing some stuff i should have unlocked and havent got it. Need to figure out to even bother trying