Using the word “Russia”

So I made a post earlier that just mentioned We where talking about Russia.

Didn’t even say anything about Russia, just the mention that we where talking about it.

And now that post is gone.

Is this a rule? If it is please add to the rules.

Rule 6.6.6 - We don’t talk about Bruno or Russia.

Who is Bruno?
Wasn’t order 666 meant to kill all jedis?

Wasn’t that just “66”?


I went to check and it is just 66.
good thing i’m not an imperial soldier, hem. :slight_smile:


Ohhhhh, That Bruno

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Didn’t you hear it? Microsoft bought gaijin and sold targem to walmart!


Let me guess - the whole thing happened because troopers mixed up order 666 (kill all jedi) and order 66 (suprize party) and leadership had to cover it afterwards to keep the face?

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Let’s just say, my trigger-happy fingers won’t put my neck in danger in this one.

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It might run better if they did :slight_smile:

Mentioning “Russia” from now is blocked, you have to use now only word “Ruzzia”

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and i thought you were going to say ‘Vodka’ :crazy_face:


oh man another vodka joke I get it hahahah I GET IT!!!