Value of packs

So, I’ve purchased several of the packs, but never really did the math on whether or not they’re a deal.

I’m talking strictly financial, here…

Help me out. Tell me if I’m wrong, but…

The Creation pack is on sale on PC for $35 US.

For that, at the time I’m typing this, you get these sellable parts with these current market prices…

3 Synthesis - 387 coins
Quantum - 350 coins
4 Icarus IVs - 2960 coins
Eye - 93 coins
4 Hydraulic Adapter - 38
6 Hydraulic Lines - 24
Headlight -2
Fluorescent Lamp - 2
Inflamed Memory - not available, so I’m listing it as 0
White Sun - 64
4200 coins

That’s a total of 8120 coins, I think…

To get that, you’d have to buy roughly 8k+ in coins.

That’ll set you back 1500+ Cross Crowns.

That’ll set you back $100 US

I only did the math once & I’ve been sipping on bourbon for an hour, so don’t excoriate me.

Even if I’m way off, which I may very well be, that makes the pack a pretty good financial deal if you’re just looking to spend money for variety.


Anyone wanna grade my paper?

This has always been the case, and you even have more value if you wait for discounted packs.

Also, don’t sell your stuff when a pack first drops. Hold the items for a bit. Most people are impatient and they count on that.


Some packs are definitely worth it (on sale), deluxe packs are never worth it, and some packs aren’t worth it even on sale, like the pestilence or what was it, the one with 1 whirlwind, ambulance horn deco, moldy white paint called stain or something, some blue wheels and I think the bat cabin.

Or having the ponies of the apocalypse 4 pack still as an option even if you own all the packs from individual purchases from sales over the years, which means you are only paying for the garage and nothing else if you purchase it

But in general I only consider the packs that are 15 moneys on sale (30 original price) to be worth it and the 30-35 on sale (60-65 original price) to be just there for gullible people, even if you could sell the parts for lots of coins.

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obviously this is just an estimate based on current prices which are obviously affected by the pack sale , but it gives you a good idea of the best coin/ dollar deal

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I thought I must’ve made a mathematical mistake… Guess not.

The numbers I quoted are the sale price for the pack. I’ve never purchased one full price. Some have been bought repeatedly for each account we have, and I always thought they were a good jump start.

I thought $35 vs $100 must be a mistake, though. :joy:

Also… Having to convert from
Pack cost
Part cost
Coin cost
CrossCrown cost
Real money cost
in order to compare price shows just how devious the CrossCrowns ploy is. Hide the price so people don’t know how much things cost… Worse than pissy car salesmen!

Those numbers really underscore how good a deal the Battlepasses are, even the mini-BPs that I always skip.


Crosscrowns were added so you could buy the same pack again, full stop.

Before, one of each pack per lifetime of the account

Its actually a good thing for people with disposable income looking to spend it on a game they enjoy.

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value of packs are worth absolutely nothing after the first x number of them sold. how many man hours actually went into creating the content?

100 man hours per pack. ? IF so then just a couple packs and they got their money for it. after that they are stealing from us as consumers because they are NOT actually providing a service after x point because the first set paid for and paid their profits.

So its worth nothing in the end. NO VALUE WHAT SO EVER.

Why do you add “full stop” to the end of your sentence? Is that supposed to make it sound more impressive?

You don’t actually believe that though, do you? That’s pure marketing hype. You’re not gullible enough to swallow that hook, line, and sinker. You’re a critical thinker. Blatant cheap marketing doesn’t work on you.

They could make it so you could buy anything repeatedly. You can buy CrossCrowns repeatedly, so why not regular coins, appearance packs, regular packs, or even plain old scrap? Why not make it so you could buy anything with just scrap? Why have a game with… Wait… How many currencies does Crossout have?
CrossCrowns… What am I missing?

Why not have one currency to buy and craft everything with?

I could make an argument for different currencies to add a bit of realism to the game. We’ll call those currencies “resources.”

With those, you’ll need a “meta” currency to actually use as a currency for purchasing things (using the dictionary definition of “meta,” here).

If this"meta" currency can be purchased with real money, what should we call it? Oh… Wait… We already have that. They’re called Dollars, Euros, and Rubles etc. There is zero justification for other currencies in any game other than to obfuscate actual financial cost of items in a game.

Calling the in-game currency “Coins” is done to psychologically separate in your mind the very real fact that you’re spending REAL money for those “coins.”

Adding another layer of fictional currency (CrossCrowns) just makes it harder for your brain to keep track of the fact that you have REAL MONEY in the game.

It’s just coins, afterall!

Don’t believe me? Quickly tell me how many dollars a scorpion costs. You can’t… Not easily. You’d have to do what I did. You’d have to look at the market cost in coins, then the coin to CrossCrowns ratio, then find the cheapest CrossCrowns pack you could buy to cover the cost of the coins you’ll need, then subtract from that the difference between the coins you now have and the cost of the scorpion. But wait… There’s more! You now have the difficult to calculate reality that they’re is no direct dollar to scorpion transaction. So, you’ll have coins and CrossCrowns trapped in the game… But they’re just coins and CrossCrowns, right? Coins and CrossCrowns you bought with real money… Real money now trapped in the game (actually a dev’s bank account, but whatever).

You don’t want to get me started on temporary currencies like lighters… :joy:

this post was really useful

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Looks like DB agrees with my silly math…
21 hours later & we’re pretty close to each other.

That’s what I was expecting… more of an item in the game should mean lower prices. Buuuut… since it went on sale on the 3rd, the prices remained pretty steady.


The graph is misleading. The blue is volume of trading for the item. The red & green are prices.

I was gonna buy it, but I guess I won’t.
When you invade your neighbors, warranted or not, there are consequences, I suppose. Glad I’m here & not there. :man_shrugging:

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You like to scream a lot for no reason don’t you?

In fact packs (discount packs even more) have the second most value.

If I was going to suggest to anyone how they could spend their money more wisely in XO it would be Battle Passes first and discount packs second.

Unless your going to play an insane amount of games I think premium is a waste.

Also Premium packs are also a waste for most people, unless a new garage is something you want.


Let me add to what I said.

What I said holds more true to “new” items in packs. If it is the first time an item is added to the game in a “limited” pack the price will be lower when the pack first hits.

Then after they remove the pack from the market give it a bit and the price will go up do to supply.

In the case of the pack your showing that pack and items have been around for a long time. It will not have the same impact as a new pack will.


Agreed… it’ll be interesting to see what happens. For the first time, I’m actually going to watch XODB to see…

I literally did what you did on the very first pack i bought. How many coins (including losing 10% to market) will i get for my $. I added the numbers and bought the most efficient coin per dollar pack i could. I literally bought them all in order, not once buying a lower coin per dollar pack before buying the better value one.

Its not a novel idea and the fact youre posting this incredulous that your math could be right in 2023 kinda blows my mind. How is this not the only metric to weight $ to coin value by.

The “full stop” was to make sure you got that there wasnt some other possibility, other than being able to sell the same pack repeatedly. Once it said purchased, you couldnt purchase it again in the PS Store, Steam or Xbox marketplace. The developers realized every new pack sold like hot cakes to those who buy them on release and thought, hey, i wonder if theyd buy the same pack again. Too bad we’ll never know. Then Dimitri, fresh off a bottle of Taaka vodka, had a lightbulb go on.

The whole crosscrown thing made it so they could sell whatever (CKs, duplicate packs, etc.) without having to talk to 3 different companies and get their OK to sell items. They talked to them once and said let me add these crosscrowns and they now have the unlimited ability to rotate packs, CKs and whatnot as they please. Which lets people buy 50% packs and get insane value compared to buying coins directly, as youve somehow just learned.

You can go down the rabbit hole of why do they sell hotdogs in packs of eight and buns in packs of 6, and figure out why everything crosscrown is priced with odd numbers that NEVER line up with the amount you can buy. Its a marketing ploy so you never hit exactly 0 crosscrowns, making people feel compulsed to buy more so as not to waste what theyve already spent, or to feel as if theyre getting a discount on future crosscrown purchases, when they already have 30 laying around. Thats just capalism, and weak minded people if you fall into the trap. Its not predatory, its grown ass people choosing what they want to spend their money on. Compulsion, weak mindedness, inability to do math, they all come into play…if they come into play. Me? Im not compulsed, im not weak minded and i can do math. So im not getting duped by some shady corporation, im a guy who chooses to spend or not spend my money on this game.

If i were them, id of done the same exact thing on this business end of it. But id balance this damn game, stop dangling OP battlepass bait to layer nerf it, etc. But the business end of it, theyve done a decent enough job. Marketing, balancing, player retention…OFC not so much(or at all tbh)

Crosscrowns let them add repeat and cycle-able sales of items in their game without having to contact PS, Steam and Xbox every single time they want to sell a CK or pack. Its that simple at its core.


“Full stop” at end of sentence. “is voice to text” its suppose to put a period in its place where it says “full stop” when you say “period” it writes “period” NOT “.” hardly no one uses “full stop” in any sentence they write.

Doctor uses it all the time in place of keyboard for data entry to medical files.

marketing can be very predatory though, despite what prior poster said to contrary. predatory can trick very smart animals into doing something fatal. THUS why they are prey to predatory behaviors like marketing designed to trick people into spending more than they would like.

As I said before the packs have only a tiny fraction of real worth than the extremely inflated prices they put on the packs.