Varum NO macro I have 60 ping and I'm happy when the gun fires itself

I don’t get it, why people are so temperature iq
The w holding (not necessarily the smartest) players made basically every other weapon obsolete other than breaker and punisher, not even mentioning arbiter, which is a legendary performing waaay to well! I have faced a guy today, who has accused me of cheating. Sadly this isn’t the first case for me, but it’s getting annoying. Instead of him and other players like him learning from his mistakes, they just spam cheater when they get outplayed by better players. At top cw, many people use macro on punisher and on varun, and it’s really noticeable from the sound and from the amount of damage it deals in a short period of time. I would like the devs, to finally fix the cheating and macro spam in the game. Maybe kick players from every match where the game detects perfect shooting, indicating macro usage! And ban after X amount of occasions. These players just go to the forum, and go cry, because hover is op! HOVER IS NOT OP, it’s finally able to be faster then bigram spider and while having waaaay less hp! And it’s finally not a free kill for the w holding melees! Hover isn’t op, the player playing it is just better than the players feeling like they got killed, because of the movement part! MAN COME ON A MOVEMENT PART WON’T KILL YOU, THE PLAYER WHO HAS KILLED YOU SIMPLY HAD BETTER AIM, BETTER BUILD OR OUTPLAYED YOU, OR HE DID ALL OF THIS. The players who just cry on the forum saying hover is op, need to practice and build better builds not to get 1 shot by scorpions in lower powerscores!

The devs need to INTRODUCE A GREEN HOVER! - with the ps of the icarus 7 and 4 at the moment!
Of couse lower mass and tonnage than the epic version

Make the icarus 7 and 4 double the ps!
Then it wont be the choice of sealclubbing, which makes starting players leave the game, because it can be unfair and not fun at all. (By the way, a wheeled build is more op then hovers in the same ps, just players tend to only notice the hovers being op…

“Go to the forum to cry” followed by a long post with caps spam and insults LMAO the irony

Was this ment for yoself aswell? :rofl:

What a trolly responce.

Let’s be fair here. The guy that was whispering him was a big old bag of nuts.

Ps I didn’t read that block of text. The pic gave me all the Context I needed.