Varun should be 6 energy

Varun does not feel like a 7 energy weapon, especially after the change, imo it got nerfed with the changes they did to it. The bullet speed was a much needed buff, but everything else they did to it made it suck more than it’s original state. It might shoot faster now but it lost a lot of firepower, they made it a bit too much of a dps bow now as opposed to how it originally was, a sort of hybrid mix between a dps bow but also one that packs a punch even if you don’t keep up the constant firing.

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In my experience i got wrecked so hard by this “always on Cooldown Shooters” with awesome timing (or a Mouse Macro). I think its fair and shouldn’t get further buffs.

I agree, this thing doesn’t feel like it justifies itself for it’s power consumption.

My thoughts are if this thing is 7 energy, then porcs should be 4 energy. Why’s it matter? Because if it was 6, some people would say OP for it’s power consumption. People now think that porcs are OP for their power consumption. 4 relics on one build, plus every single module your team needs? Varuns to 6, or porcs to 4.

As far as I can see, Varun is one of the very best epics you can play in CW ^_-

I’m not understanding this post.

  • It was always a DPS bow and was never a " hybrid mix"

  • Overall damage is the same as it was before the changes, just not as completely reliant on the perk

Considering its unique combination of reasonable dps and having invidual damage that’s just high enough to break through most structure parts and the fact it doesn’t require any support modules, 7 energy is fine. They would be too strong at 6 energy.

I get the impression that people who thinks they don’t carry their 7 energy weight must be doing something wrong with them. From a DPS and survivability perspective, they’re the strongest bows in the game and need no further changes.

They always have been, should have been bumped up just like ye olde harvester…

Agreed, they have nearly 600hp for a relatively small size, personally I don’t do this but i bet if you embed these in a thicc spider you could have fun stripping people very effectively

Varuns are way OP. More damage than Legendary Toadies, with faster fire rate, more impulse and more hp? Sure you can only use 2 but still run engine and reload on beholder compared to 3 huge and paper thin toads. They are way better than their big brother so 7 energy is fine. Played i Levi at Bronze and our levi got stripped by one i under 12 seconds firing at 350 damage per shot…way OP