Vehicle remains should be destructible!

Corpses should be able to be shot or rammed into pieces!

Also, it feels like if you have an enemy corpse on top of you then the wedge penalty applies.

An ally corpse feels different.

Just make them destructible!

Um… U can obliterate corpses. Sometimes I just shoot corpses for fun on my way to a living enemy. They are destructable. At least with porcs(which is all I’ve really been playing since the update).

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Personally I love how the burning wreckages turned out to be a sneaky nerf to wedges and dogs.

When you think about it, the biggest complaints over the past few years have been about sideways hovers, wedges and dogs.
In one update they managed to subtly nerf all three, while at the same time buffing front facing hovers and making wheeled builds feel faster and more exciting to drive.
Not only that, but legs, augers, and omniwheels all got important buffs that responded to the biggest complaints about those movement parts.
I think tracks could use a bit of love, but I don’t mind how they feel.


The remains add to the confusion of the battle.
This was a nice touch.

I’ll be honest, I have even kept attacking or have attacked the wreckage and went “oh crap, that guys dead already”. It didn’t take long to get used to, but still adds just enough confusion to the battle.


It sure is :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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