Veterans vs. Noobs: The debate about controller settings

Why do the developers go after the players who have established this game and made it what it is today? I get that the developers want a bigger player base. The way they are going after the tween market by making a control scheme for them is admirable, but why penalize the players who have spent years and years using the original control settings? The sideways argument aside… why force everyone to learn an inferior control setup? It is as if you don’t care to lose the core of your player base that helped you make the game what it is today. Am I Wrong?
I find it asinine that we have weapons that rotate 360 degrees… that now only need to operate at an 180 degree window… by binding turning to view you cannot use the full pivot of the weapon. Nothing about these controls make sense… name another car game that also has a driving/shooting mechanic that does this? You can’t move the car independent of the direction you are aiming? It takes the game backwards and does not help it move forward.
Unless they let console players change everything about our controller layout… this new update is horrible. I could over look it if I could dictate every aspect like a PC player can, and honestly I would like that to be the solution. I would love to change my strafing bindings, look bindings, etc… Sadly this is not the case.
The simplest solution is get these new “look back/forward” and “look around” keys off of the strafing keys. Please let us program these independent of other buttons, like the scope button.


Dont exactly know what you mean when reading but you do know you can use oldschool camera / control systems? (i litteraly dont use the new system) i find it inferior to use because im very much trained on old way of moving ingame.

  • there some builds who exploit the auto aim camera system on hovers now in cw. (so perfect game).

But yes PC version was 1st so far i know but if they want true crossplay for this game the markets schould also be mixed eventully.

Anyways the XO devs rater invent a rock before it becomes a well chipped brick / wheel of something.
Instead of hirring proper testing people with more then 10.000 hours experions playing XO.

But most of those dinosaurs are gone in the game (im running into fossile age at this point).

I honestly didn’t read the post.

BUT if you are questioning which group of people this game should cater toward then it is “New” players for sure.

Us older players have made this game a cesspool.

Also from a business angle you want to cater to new players. That’s where the money is. The biggest money is not with the few hundred guys that stick around, it’s with the thousands that try the game and buy a few packs and stop playing.

All of the long term whales are not important to keep this game alive, but new players are.


Yea but you need old players as well because who wants to play a game that nobody plays that is bad business in and of itself. If all the old players quit that would be worst still because there would be no one to play against except for the same trash ai bots over and over and that don’t sound too fun. Just because people ain’t paying doesn’t mean they ain’t contributing to the overall health of the game if you get what I mean especially for such a low player count game like crossout it needs all the players it can get to keep growing, paying or not paying.

I’m not disagreeing.

But I’m also smart enough to know that the “Free to Play” business model is far from free to play.

As soon as you read the word “free” in any game you should turn and run.

This is a brutal, soul crushing, drain every penny out of everyone kind of game. That’s what “free” means.

If we where talking about a normal game then I would be right behind you. But we don’t play a normal game.

As long as the money comes in, they don’t care about community.

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You can’t trust them at all. Just look at the steam reviews and the grand majority of reviews are pure fakes. How do I know? because there are over 52 000 reviews, like yea right not that many players left a review. Maximum number of players this game ever had online at one time was about 9000 when it exited closed beta and that was for like a day or two. steel championship leaderboards on pc got 82 164 accounts total so that 82 000 is the total number that has ever touched this game both thru gaijin client and steam combined in this games total lifetime and a lot of those accounts are probably fakes as well. General rule of thumb is that 5% of users leave a review give or take on average globally for anything. You will see that trend with youtube likes, review sites etc. On top of that devs are soo touchy too when ever someone leaves a actual legit negative review on steam the dev’s comes in like cry babies spewing non sense. The corruption in this game is just nuts.

Make a correction on the steel championship thing. Most of them are prob legit but just players who prob gave the game a quick try and didn’t stick around after. You can tell by the scores they only prob played a match or two. _Bla_unmortal up there is ranked number one don’t know how he pulled that off.
Bottom line tho not many players play this game, definitely not enough players for it to generate over 50 000 reviews I mean going by those metrics that means over 1 000 000 players have played this game thru steam alone. I mean you see more familiar faces in this game than at your local grocery store so yea most definitely the grand majority of steam reviews are fakes.

You only see people in your own language as far as chat goes. Once your into a battle pool it’s a slightly different story however at the same time hardly anyone pulls all nighters to see the majority of actual player rotations.

The game gets pretty dead during dead hours but even during peak hours you play’s the same players over and over. I don’t know what the situation is like at lower power scores cause all my builds are 12k and above.

Rly stupid reasoning, Its a recipe how to kill the game.

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It’s your one off buyers that pay salaries/expenses, the whales are nearly pure profit.

Reported statistics from publicly traded companies say the “whales” are 80-90% revenue drivers.

The reason to cater to new players is not to sell a pack here and there, it’s to catch the ONE or TWO per thousand that spend. A guy/gal that buys every pack, every season etc.
Starter players are buying cheap 5 or 10 buck packs, whales buy all 3 grades of each pack, while purchasing each season, each sticker pack, coins, crossout coins, year subs etc.
It’s more like new players are a thin slice of bread, while whales are the oven that is baking the bread getting sliced.

The biggest imbalance is squads of established players vs randoms. (do not take this as support for squad removal, simply stating the biggest problem imo). I have zero solutions. Though I have not played in a group of any kind in 2 years, I do like to have the option if there is someone I want to group with.

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This is not my reasoning.

This is already the reasoning used by the dev team.

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