Video Teaser: Hyperborea Season 2: New Weap


Grenade launcher?

Not sure though that was on my list of guesses from looking at the tech tree openings.

People in my clan really want it to be some kind of Cryo Weapon.

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hey a new shotgun!!

ok that was a joke, put away your pitchforks and torches people.
but all jokes aside judging from how its made i could say it looks to be either a cannon or a grenade launcher. id love it if it were a small broadside cannon given a newer look by the faction. maybe itll fire exploding cannon balls? idk looks very cannon like to me.

given the size of the barrel and the thickness id say it would probably be a grenade / mine launcher.
BUT there is the possibility of it being a cannon to. i like how it looks regardless. cant wait to see what it is.

snowball cannon! :crazy_face:

That’s mostly what I was seeing people mention. I do notice there is a little snow flake up at the top of the video too.

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Plasma cannon?

It looks like a Granade launcher that if direct hit will freeze movement parts foe 1.5 secs.OR a mine layer that could create some sort of slippery surface so vehicles loose control. And leave a puddle like the incinerators but with ice??? (Im just speculating)

This is definitely a Cryo cannon or Cryo launcher of some kind. There is a Cryo hose on the side. Also notice that it can aim nearly up and down. I think that makes it more likely a flak launcher than a cannon as up and down weapons are meant to be used against helicopters and cannons are inneffective there. Also, there are enough large bore mortar like cannons between the Avalanche and the Mammoth. My prediction:

This will be a Flak launcher that sends out shots of frozen flak, kind of like a Parser, but with projectiles. It will be primarily used against helicopters. The ice status will cause helicopters to lose power and fall out of the sky. The Flak launchers will have high recoil to dovetail with the new legendary recoil cabin.

The flak launcher is large enough that it is 6 energy.

Meta for such a build would be to place it on the Hadron cabin with a King and ice lock stuff.

I hope, or a MG i would be pleased with it too.

But with my luck, most probably some kind of energy weapon, or some tennis ball launcher like retcher

I am suspecting a legendary Impulse of some kind, because it’s coming out with the impulse increasing cabin and how they nerfed Impulse after buffing it when they noticed how popular it suddenly came

Probably will be some cryo thing, yeah. Though if they are really being clever, an epic mortar with an angle-determined, variable blast radius could be neat. Have the radius be larger the higher angle you apply, so you can direct fire it like a cannon, or lob shots for a wide boom.

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maybe it launches a cannonball of dry ice? upon hitting it creates a cloud of frozen mist that makes the area slippery and makes parts brittle making them take more damage?

or it can be a cryomine? freezing parts that it explodes on?

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I’m still betting it’s a legendary Impulse.

But I do like how imaginative some of you are!

You’re all wrong. NITROGEN ICETHROWER.

(Like a flamethrower, but with liquid nitrogen, and it makes parts brittle, dealing more damage.)

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with a barrel that big?? i doubt it. but maybe it shoots ice pellets or frozen bullets or something. im thinking its a cryomine launcher or a snowball cannon.

Watch the devs see this, and be like: nahhhh it’s just an avalanche turret, nothing to do with ice… :laughing:


That would actually be pretty cool: mini 6 energy turreted avalanches.
Like little boys with punch.

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Ok but seriously, I think it will be a mortar, like a tiny avalanche turret mentioned above (name fits the theme, too). It’s a large caliber, short-barreled gun with a loading hatch at the back. Fits the description of a mortar to me.

I like the idea!! Maybe for a purple version. But this weapons are way to big to just shoot liquid… What are we fire fighters!?:rofl::rofl::rofl:, no, but i like your idea too​:sunglasses::ok_hand: