I like the idea of this weapon. A relatively short ranged machine gun with low accuracy but fairly resilient, easy to hide, easy to mass. The problem is that I feel that it does not deliver on the “fairly resilient” part even after the buff. The perk seems like a good idea it has the same problem as the old mammoth : The stats seem calculated as if you could manage to max the perk most of the time. It’s not the case. A scorp hit while you close the distance will remove this weapon. You can preshot to mitigate that but in that case you risk overheating when in the weapon’s perfect range. I imagine that the idea is to play in the “almost overheated” zone like the aspect but the low accuracy of the weapon doesn’t really allow this playstyle of high accuracy single shot. I feel that a negative perk starting at 50% when not firing that is reduced when heating would make more sense. This would give the choice of stopping and letting the weapon cool before overheating for extra durability at the cost of losing those extra seconds of damages during the burst that may allow to cripple the opponent before they retaliate. The weapon would be back to it’s role as a tanky machine gun for heavy builds, hard to remove but with a low enough accuracy it’s not great to instantly degun the opponent like normal machinegun can.

The trick is getting your tap fire rhythm right, so that you can keep the perk going constantly.
I usually run a Seal and a Shiver with them, and don’t find it hard to keep them from overheating, once you get the tempo right.
Also, they are easy to armour and box in without obstructing firing angles too much, so you shouldn’t rely completely on the perk to keep your guns.

I used to run four on machinist for even more durability, but lately I’ve been putting them on omnibox, and never have any problems with being degunned.

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I get your point. Yes if you maintain the perk, the weapon is nice. My point is that it reduces your options : First you have to always maintain the perk even when out of range or else a long range weapon can degun you and second, because your are at almost 100% overheat, yon don’t have options to gain an extra bit of burst for instance.

My point is also that instead of having to juggle at 90-100% overheat you could do the exact same at 0-10% : This would have the advantage of making the weapon less attention consuming and also allow for some risk taking : Using it longer for less durability while also beeing less punishing for not keeping a perfect rythm.
Rythm weapons are not a great design IMO. And I may not be alone, as seen with the changes of the assembler or the low playrate of the aspect. I don’t think having to maintain “tempo” with your weapon should be a useful skill in crossout compared to aiming and positionning. Having the perk be inverted would allow to concentrate on the fighting part and make the weapon less tedious and a bit better (right now I don’t feel it’s in a great state).

you could opt for Leeches / Tacklers, the have the opposite perk of Ruptures / Guardians /Protectors / Vindicators.
They are 2 and 1 tier lower, Tacklers are cheap.
And the perk is while you don’t shoot the protection to damage is 100%.

Regarding tankiness, they should be more tanky and they were, some got nerf to kingdom come, but hey, there you go.
But i still like them, beware of the Laser bots they will strip you like nobody business.

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