Visor Scope

The teal one costs twice as much coin as the blue one.
wich one is better?.

You apparently arent familiar with those two products…

depends on which view point you like.
I only use neutrino if I am using a scope.

I use Iris more than any other scope.


The scopes and input are something I hate. Why did they make it so you had to have scope assigned to an input?
I used that extra input on nearly every build.

I have to swap my controls every time I use a build with a scope…

Iris can be buried in side your build and simply increases the zoom of the default scope. The rare TS-1 scope needs to be mounted on the outside because the in-scope view is from the lens of the scope itself.


Can you completely unassign the scope? No matter what I do I still have to assign scope to one spot on my d pad. (changed through options, but helicopters it doesn’t carry to and reverts to up)

The Horizon is actually better scope wise especially if it’s upgraded for zoom but you can’t hide it as well as the Iris which has it’s own benefits. I hardly use my Horizon since I’ve gotten the Iris. Being honest I’d rather be able to hide the equip then zoom in a bit more.

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Being able to hide Iris is a big deal, but the viewing angle is also much better for me. I occasionally use neutrino for ultra long range builds, but Iris for everything else.

With me it often ends up being a nice piece of armor, I’ll gladly work that 101 dur into a build most of the structure parts do not go as high in durability per size.

That dura is even better if you use a resist dmg or dur upgraded cab.