Visual changes?

has anyone else noticed a few visual changes to some of the weapons attacking looks?
ive noticed this for a few weapons like the spark and flash, their electricity is so dim and thin that its barely noticeable. i seen that in a raid and was wondering if it was intentional or a bug.
i also noticed it for weapons like the cyclone as well as any other auto cannon. if you fire it it looks like the bullets are flying in a staggered / blurry slow motion.
has anyone else noticed this?
honestly i preferred to have the sparks noticable electricity thats thicker and the flashes blinding electricity to.

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today in war I noticed that the spark and flash look strange

yeah i noticed it in a raid and i was looking at the arachnophobia pack to and noticed the weird firing animation on the auto cannon to.
in the raid i seen that the electricity from dawns children sparks was off to. im wondering if its intentional…?