Voice chat and crossplay

So, on console we still have voice chat in games.

When they add Crossplay I’m going to guess we might loss it since they don’t have it on PC.


theres not going to be crossplay between pc and consoles, only between consoles.

Do you have a link to that info?

That is not what they said on the live stream, but that would be awesome.

On the live stream they said that all 3 platforms would be combined, but the market would stay separate.

did they? link

I been playing this game long enough to have been around for voice chat, there’s a reason why they got rid of it on pc, NO ONE wanted to listen to people literally scream, swearing, throwing insults and farting while playing a game, and yes I included farting cause I remember a few times I heard what I assume was farts, that or they were using their mouths but still annoying!
So yeah if all 3 platforms do get cross play together that option of voice chat would need to be done away with or at the very least giving an option to mute it as I don’t want to listen to players being salty screaming insults in the mic be it in English or another language!

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Yes they did, just go to there cross out youtube channel I can’t remember which stream but it was this year and the dev’s answered the question about cross-play and said it was coming to all 3 platforms later this year possibly but the markets be separated
Edit: Monkey just posted the live stream

You will need to watch the stream :slight_smile:

But here is the link


there was VC on PC for a while, it was removed do to mic spammers and some really toxic people (True_Jedi is one of those directly to blame).

Yup, joining Cross out and playing this game when it had VC was the first time I ever heard someone tell someone they wanted to poop in there mouth. I don’t miss VC lol

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That would be True_Jedi, he said stuff like that all the time, generally any time he died he would instantly start yelling at everyone on his team. If anyone called him out they would earn his hate for… well he still targets me when he plays… even if I am on his team.

Yup, wasn’t he one who used to spam the f word in VC too? I know there was one player who usually rushed in all the time and died then started spamming the f word

:rofl: i remeber truejedi he’s on my friends list…
it was pretty funny to me when he was fired up and ranting.i kinda miss that…
what i don’t miss is the crappy music blasted so loud and static,was really annoying,had to mute the volume in them matches…the good old days…

Yup it was always loud rock/metal or screamo music they blasted or people used to tap their mic constantly.

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And when they added a counter so that if you are talking to long it stops, they found away around it just to blast their really bad music.

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provide a timestamp. i remember the phrasing was ambigious and some people here just freely added their own interpretation to it. some other dude said in russian it didnt say all 3 platforms.

so far youre all just repeating hear say.

also you could always mute voice chat in the settings, how could you not know that.

In last week’s test server, I noticed that there was voice chat. Someone was playing their music during matches.

It might be making a return.

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you need voice chat in a test server to communicate faster for testing…my thought…

Dude just go to the last 20 minutes and watch it, not everyone wants to do everything for you/stranger
Lot’s of reasons why someone wouldn’t know how to turn it off

Lol, this cracked me up.

I was thinking of the voice coms in test.

“Get the %#@K out of my way you $&@$ing Noob, open your &$& @&)(& eyes you smooth brain @&$ch, I’m testing $h@& over here!”


I guess I must have disabled voice chat the first week I started playing, because I have no memory of it (other than when playing in a group).

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