Voice chat pls

can you instanll a voice chat on the game it would be much more practical to talk with the players thank you

They use to have one. You normally just got people cursing in other languages and eating chips really loudly.


how do i use it

been there done that, it’s not useful at all, ppl just curse or play music, so not needed, find a clan and play with them through discord

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You can’t use it anymore they removed it. It use to be the Y key.

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How much toxicity can you survive? I mean - even in TXT its death threats and cursing and insults and bigotry and racism. Do you want to listen to the stream of unconscious mental bile for real?


already had it on Pc,players would blast music and cuss all the time,thats why they got rid of it.
but i kinda miss that…

That dream will never happen. Servers can’t handle that I don’t think. Nor the game engine while it has all the part destruction in game and all the data transfer that comes with it.

How can I add the Voice Chat to my Resident Evil game…

are you lost

I miss people blasting poor quality audio over their mics during matches, it was comfy