Volcano Pit

So, I rammed a corpse off the bridge on the Volcano map, but I failed to stop in time and went over too.
So, my corpse exploded into nothingness, but my opponent’s corpse sat there at the bottom intact.
Corpses that fall into pits should be obliterated!

heyyyy next time invite me to the barbeque! :crazy_face:

BBQ sounds good but complaining might ruin it

I’m going to agree that they should be destroyed, but I’m also going to say that if the corpse is in the pit then it don’t mater.

This is not really an important issue.

Yes, it is not important, but his corpse was staring at me through my camera like i was in his corpse spectating my own death. It was just wrong!
Where was my corpse?
Why does he get a corpse but not me?
Why is it starting at me?