VR/AR Nreal glasses and Crossout

Ummm… It’s amazing.

I have tried several different methods of improving the immersiveness of movies and gameplay - including but not limited to hooking my laptop up to our big screen TV and playing using a movie projector.

Until now, the most insane and over the top setup was me sitting on one side of a special semi- transparent movie projector screen with the projector on the opposite side so I could sit right up close to the screen and really be in the game.

Obviously, you lose a lot of definition that way, but it makes up for it by having your entire field of vision filled with the game.

These Nreal Air glasses aren’t cheap at about US$380, BUT… Wow.

You can watch a lot of online reviews for them so I won’t go into much detail.

They are super light and almost look like regular sunglasses. They’re not true VR and are not true AR… I would call them “supplemental reality” perhaps. For Crossout, though it makes the display hover in front of you and seem absolutely enormous and Crystal clear.

I may follow this up with a steam deck to have super mobile gaming at some point since I am on the road as much as I am.


Sounds cool. Wish there was some way to preview the visuals in this with crossout.

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Before I bought them, I watched a lot of reviews on youtube. Most of them were people who had gotten the things for free, so I took them with a grain of salt. One guy, however had mounted a tiny little spy camera behind the lens and showed what it looked like in various situations playing different random games. That sold me.

I have a week-long trip coming up where I will be doing a lot of time sitting and riding. The idea that I could be watching a movie on a huge screen or playing video games sounds enticing to say the least!

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Ima have to go look for them vids now…how high res are those things?

If I remember correctly, it’s only 1080p at 90 Hertz OLED. But, when I’m wearing them, they look much better than 1080p. Maybe it’s because the screen I’m looking at is an inch from my eyes. LOL

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They where developing Crossout in VR and then…. stopped…

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That would be hilarious fun if they had ever pulled it off. I’m sure it was expensive and difficult, though.

Just to be clear, these are not the same as something like an oculus. They are more like a very polished version of what you might have experienced using Google cardboard back in the day.