Waderkvarn Battle Pass Leak/Review -English


the double decker busses are cute but I feel like this BP is aimed at the young ones.

Packs are for CrossCrowns, so I won’t be getting it.

The fact that crafting the new weapon requires unobtanium, I probably won’t be getting this BP, either. We’ll see…



Those aren’t part of the pass, they’re new packs…selling parts you need for crafting stuff in the actual passes (Therms). They’re gonna catch all kinds of grief over that. They probably deserve it too.

Last time I checked you couldn’t even buy a Flute (needed for crafting fancy new gun) on the market, because of the Russian leak. I guess the Russians already bought them all (PC). This is not ideal, as demonstrated by the present anger over the current Battle Pass pulling the same shenanigan, and instead of correcting their behavior, they doubled down and did it again, arguably in a more egregious way.

IDK WTF they are thinking.


…you’ll get infinite Summators at the end

Yeah, about that… :thinking:

Packs for crotchcoins — pass.

Bad (for now) weapon that requires 5 pack-only items — hard pass.

That CK looks like a machinegun rather than grenade launcher. Also pass.

Nothing good except the event itself and leg change. They should’ve done it before but with no meaningful content in the game they want to stretch everything they got as thin as they can.

I’ve told ya’ll many times: it’s a cashgrab. Quit thinking they’re good people and want you to have a good time. They want your money. They don’t care about anything else.


Ya, I get that. It’s just I’ve never seen such bad marketing in my life. There’s a way to sell crap, and this isn’t it.

I’m pretty forgiving, you’re right about that (“It’s only $10,” I’ve said), but I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere. This is just, ridiculous. Not buying it. It’s just too stupid. Count me among the dissenters. This is one bad hustle.


They aren’t Meledandri, so they don’t know that marketing is 90% of success in our times.

Finally. I’m not buying that crap either. I get that we may craft a few purple items with Summators, but it’s not nearly enough for at least one Athena, set aside two.


I’ve yet to buy a mini BP, and doesn’t look like that will change. Still think the normal BPs are a good bargain though.


I’m sure you glanced at the math on what it takes to craft a god-fused Athena. “Unobtainium” is right. Only the Monkey will have one. Just the regular version will be a unicorn, and will set a new price record on the market. I presume that once the event is gone, the bench to craft them on will be too.

This mini-pass should put to test even Poony4u’s stoic optimism (May the force be with you).

It’s probably going to get toxic. Reddit, this forum, and wherever else they mediate will all be saturated with salt for a year…poor Charlie.


I’ve just accepted that CW isn’t for me, and neither are packs or mini-BPs. Obviously enough people feel differently, otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing these.


I’m predicting 6-7k apiece.

This is Gaijin’s way. I never even touched their other games, but from what I’ve collected about them… sorta like the same.

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I think the first mini BP, the Twisted Metal event, was a good value. For $10, you got 1 perfectly fused legendary of your choice, the Beholder, the Stillwind and the Destructor as well as decor and other items. The fused -Mass +Power Beholder is one of the most important pieces of gear for competitive play and allowed new players to catch up to the few veterans who had this. I used this pass to get a third fused Destructor.

Since then, they lowered the value in the Radiance pass, where they offered 1 piece of unfused gear for approximately $25 in extra levels purchased.

In this pass, they don’t even offer the new gun, they just give access to an expensive crafting table.

While I have a great need for Trombones for various things I’m making, the pass doesn’t have anything interesting for me. I can buy the Trombones I want off the market now.

The new gun is immediately suspicious because it is 6 energy 4 blocks wide, 4 blocks deep and 3 blocks high. For this type of gun, you have Assembler, 6 points of energy, 280ish durability, Retcher, 6 points of energy, 220ish durability and Varun, 7 points of energy, 529 points of durability.

All of these guns suffer greatly from this size, shape and durability. Varun and Retcher are the only effective competitive weapons of this type. Retcher works because it may be the most destructive weapon in the game, and you can rain grenades over obstacles. Varun worked because it came out OP and it has enough durability when fused to withstand a double Scorpion shot of 535 damage. Assembler doesn’t really work and costs about as much as a Kapkan on Xbox.

The new Athena gun has about a 300 meter range, and Assembler damage unless you use Photon, Quantum or Hadron to enhance damage. This is all right, and the gun should be an ok midrange degunner, but midrange degunning weapons are dominated by 4 energy weapons that are 2 blocks high, such as the Punisher, Destructor, Nothung Aspect and the like. 4 energy guns are much more durable by comparison, as if you lose one you can still have a good match.

Conclusion, if you want Athena, save your money, save your Kapkans, and get a fused set of Nothungs instead, or just get a set of Assemblers. They are pretty good these days at medium power scores with power fused Quantum cabs.


the new gun does not seem to be worth losing kapkans or yong wangs , can take the flutes though :joy:

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The new guns are out played by triggers and freaking Prometheus builds for the same energy.

And they cost some high value items that make it have a equipment rarity of almost a relic. I see it as a whale trap nothing more nothing less.


I’m guessing at least 10-12k on Xbox.

Kapcans are almost 5k each on Xbox right now lol.

People were complaining about the mini BP that just ended up being a scam/rip-off, now this is a rip off in my opinion, crates, decals and the only new part is locked behind a blueprint at the end which the blueprint is locked behind pack parts to craft, this gun isn’t going to be cheap and this mini BP is overpriced, charging 10$ USD for 3$ USD worth of content in my personal opinion!


Yeah, after the radiance scam, shame on me if I buy this.


If this is a cash grab, oh how they are falling behind with this ridiculous attempt :slight_smile:

they need to be boulder, much more boulder.

Like learning with the best .

things like

Pay for win it’s so yesterday
Pay for a change to win .

1- take out of the game an desirable item
2- wait a year or two to create a false rarity
3 - reintroduce that item in the game with the perk messed up
4 - Putting the item on sale…or better yet… you buy the opportunity to have that item (it can appear in a random pack… or not)

Do you want a ck where you see Mad Max in front of your car? It cost 70 euros and then Mad Max doesn’t appear in the battles only in the garage, no refunds after the first battle (but you only see that after a battle).

What happened in the end of Radiance event is child play. what they should have done
release Radiance event in Christmas time

  • advertising free and unlimited Iris from level 36 and onwards
  • Making each level with outlandish requirements like, grind the equivalent to obtain a scorpion worth in raw materials in 3 days/ 4 days
  • Or just pay 240 euros to obtain the onamori

The footnote : aimed for unemployed and disabled people, they have time to spend (yeah, that was their excuse)

They will never give relics away, right?
For 120 euros every one and their dog can have a shitty version of a relic.

How about letting JBrider, Mr.G. and others showing a new part, reviewing that new part, you see those vids just before the release
After the release you manage to get that part, you were one of the first to get it, it cost you 50 euros.
The thing is the part you just bought has nothing to do with that part that was reviewed.
Devs changed it overnight.

Do i have to go on?

I see people complaining about this type of thing and they are not wrong but at the same time…
Man, the first couple of times i saw people complaining about hovers being OP, I laughed and thought to myself
this guys never saw OP, they don’t know what’s OP.
For me it’s just mellow and relaxing…easy going.

Saying that, i too noticed an increase in this “politics” in Crossout but for the time being they are awkward and clumsy at best.
The way Radiance ended, things were not like that when i started to play this game.
And I will not be that one saying to XO devs
hit me with your best shot

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Yea … I just spend that $100 annual subscription money supposed to be buying 1500 crown coin on steam spring sale got a 20 other great games that really deserve it


I think I tallied up all that is in the battlepass - completely ignoring what you can craft since I don’t trust that mechanism anymore…

Prices are current for PC

At least 2 Summators 144 coins each
Something like 5 resource crates
780 coins
KA1 Dischargre 181 coins each
650 Engineer Badges
6 Stickers
Workpieces for Yaoguai, Avalanche, Summator, Trombone, and Parser
Spoiler Decor 22 coins each
Wakidate 506 coins each
Retcher 3080 coins each
2 Youguais 563 coins each
2 Paints
2 Trombones 694 coins each
2 Kuwagata exhausts 98 coins each
2 Red Led Lights not on market

I think I got that right…

Minimum, it’s about 7500 coins worth plus the things I couldn’t/didn’t tally coin values of.
Not terrible.

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