Waderkvarn login posted in latest DevBlog

At waderkvarn.net you can now login using the username “Gorge” and password “heliberry27”.
There’s a video showcasing a new map and after it ends, you get an error code which is actually a redeemable code.
You may redeem it here: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Guess the “ARG” finally got somewhere.


Is this legit? Looks like a company website and I don’t need trouble.

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It’s a made-up company by the crossout dev team :rofl: just type in Gorge for id and heliberry27 for the pw and you’ll see a short video showing off a new map

All I got was Acess Denied nothing else at the end

Well ok I tried it, all I got was a blank, grey screen and a button to click to set cookie privacy settings. I finally got a video after clicking on the blank, grey screen. Then I got “Access Denied” after the video was over. Bah…

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Their was a code after that

might this be a new raid map?