Waiting for the right raid and hilarious PVP comments

Maybe is wrong timing but i’m waiting since yesterday for a raid on my favourite maps.
Would be so cool if we could chose our raids.
So, with this said i went with my PVE build into the PVP.
I realised i can’t aim for my live, it’s not because of drones ( i’ve been using drones for a while), the real culprit is SGs, where it’s just pressing W and click the button. (i’ve done this all my crossout experience till i moved on to drones)
So, on top of using an PVE build, on top of that, it has training wheels ( Caucasus), they are my private aim bot, they show where to aim and i follow the best i can.
I did my dailies, i got an MVP, an unyielding and a lot of my ass handed to me.
I met this guy which i laugh it so hard at his comment.

He ended up with 2 digit score


It’s always the kids who laugh at you who end up dying first.
ironic meme

“noob clan” yesterday. OFC bro was third, behind us. We don’t even answer :smile:.