"walker" drone concept: Ravager dog

When a ravager Eye is detached it is quickly found that they have 4 legs and look a bit like a dog, these small drones are walkers that are slow moving but a bit tankier then other wheel drones.

The big difference is ravagers come in pods that are 3 tall instead of 2 tall and once deployed they do not decay instead trying to retreat back to you once low health to heal.

gameplay: are drone modules with 2 ammo, spawns a ravager drone which is armed with a frontal laser and intercepting laser. As such tehy do low damage about 4 per shot but they shoot down projectiles, mines, and other drones as well as heating parts to their targets.

Being walkers they are tankier then other drones at 400 HP each, and will try to return to their host upon getting lower then 150 to recharge this involves getting close to their pod and “leaping” at their owner build de-spawning and returning 1 ammo.

perk: will return when low health for repairs refunding ammo.


I’d like some Ravager Drones. or drone CK’s that make ravagers at least.

apparently this idea is actually liked on reddit.

Rare to see a drone idea get liked, guess it is because it isn’t a damage drone?

i like the idea of this and i suggested “rechargable drones” a while back, i love the idea of a spider like drone that can move like the ML200’s. but 400 hp is quite alot for a drone. grenadiers had 150 i believe and even a canon shot couldnt take them out. at 400 i can see them posing a pretty big problem. they have the downside of being slow yeah but… idk 400 hp for a drone seems a bit excessive dont you think?

i guess it would kind of fit if the drone was legendary or even relic but idk.
love the idea though but unsure about the durability.

Yeah most likely a balanced HP would be 250 and it returning at 75 but I went high as you don’t have as many.

I’m struggling with Drone Walker and AIM Bot. Keeping the same ‘Stoutheart carrying and old school rifle’ concept would be nice.