Want devs to fix the game?

Quit feeding the snail! $$ :upside_down_face:


The ones killing the game are those paying so it doesn’t matter, trash pay to win in a game they feel like they have some skill in but fail to see how easily they’re enslaved by the meta cycle

Usually consumer boycotts are organized around some kind of civil rights or social justice issue. Like back in the 80s when we didn’t buy South African products to protest apartheid.

I’m not sure how effective those kinds of boycotts are, but I can see the argument that they might be useful as part of a larger pressure campaign.

The problem with trying to organize a consumer boycott because you just don’t like the product is that most of the people who agree with you already quit. Sure, you might pick up a few other frustrated players, but they were probably going to quit anyway, so it’s not going to show up in the metrics in any meaningful way.
Unless you can convince a large percentage of the player base to all quit at once, I think your protest movement might be doomed.

You are seeing this upside down.
this is from other game but it serves to get the point across.

you can at least try to convince a few, bring down the metrics, and if targem doesnt implode eventually then maybe the game gets better

Can you name one example of a boycott about the quality of a product convincing a company to improve that product?
I know I definitely can’t.

I think what you aren’t grasping is that you shouldn’t need to convince anyone to not play a game they aren’t enjoying. Those of us that are still playing still enjoy the game. Those that agree with you have already quit.

If you need to come to the forum to beg people to stop spending their money on this game, you’ve already lost your battle. If the game is as bad as you say, we wouldn’t need to be convinced. It’s not like you are the first person to come to the forum and demand that we all join their boycott.

crossout has a tiny community, which is currently getting smaller as the statistics show very very clearly. so if the word is spread and some number of players stop spending money on the game, the revenue may be affected and prompt action. in my mind this is a simple concept to comprehed, but of course will only ever work is people step out of their delusion and accept the fact that this game has issues and WILL keep dying until queue times are either 5 minutes or 8/10 slots in battles are bots.

and i will repeat to you for about the fifth time, i didnt tell anyone to stop playing the game.
youre saying i have already lost my battle since i came to the forum to talk to people about this, i dont know what you think im here to do.
ultimately my goal is to improve the game for everyone, so i dont know why you would act as if it was a bad thing.

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“Spread the word”?

What do you think that means?
Are you “spreading the word” that you think the game is bad and that we should stop spending money?

How is that different from what I am saying?

Do you really think you need to “spread the word” that spending money and time on a game indicates that we support the game? Is that really something we need you to explain to us?

im tired of repeating this shit to you, youre like a broken record.
youre aware of my goal here, so please use more than 2 braincells to process what i said.

crossout is in an absolutely shit state. i am trying my best, not that thats much at all, to repair this game.
i am not aware of a better alternative to what i am doing right now. if you are, please share.

We seen how stubborn and weird devs are on weekly badges update and steam reviews protest thing… And mass desertion on camera steering update. They stopped caring what players think many years ago. They will just run this thing while it’s profitable and move resources to other project when it’s not.


i get that point but crossout is a monopoly, i might be wrong but i think it would be insanely stupid to pass up such a niche field. wouldnt it be more profitable to fix the game and have long term profits?

There is no magical fixing of the game. Most things are their conscious choices:

  • making some parts uncraftable to sell more packs and elevate market prices.
  • using ugly marketing tricks like proxy currency(crosscrowns), mismatched pack and crowns pack prices.
  • making gameplay toxic to scatter players to patrol and other pve which bring much less resources, while also provoking erratic emotions hoping some of them would be to donate hoping to p2win the game.
  • moving farm to clans which require high tier gear to participate, so pay to farm lol.
  • making no skill parts meta like melee, lances, mines to encourage more dumb toxic players.
  • always trying to shift meta to get people use market more and loose resources.

All those are made for maximizing profits so I wouldn’t expect them rolling any of it back.
And I think it all doesn’t matter. Even when game didn’t had all those problems and advertisements were all over internet, it never had many players. Simply because most player that even play game can’t and don’t want to build, while gameplay itself always seem to split into toxic hover campers or rush in and get clubbed trash builds, while playing careful is also complicated and tedious and full of toxic ambushes. Incompetence and indifference of devs is only a cherry on top.
And don’t forget the politics, which also likely play some role.
Anyways, things look grim wherever you look this days.


Devs keep adding more weapons and cabs makes imbalance for the older ones. Players abuse the new weapons so they get a nerf :laughing: And nicely said [UltraLocust]


Well unless i can make players take action i may as well fuck off and wait and watch to see what happens to the game, and i can hope one day it becomes less greedy or at least more playable

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That’s not enough. Take every opportunity both within the game and outside of it to ruin Gaijin’s reputation and convince people not to pay for, or play their games at all. Not just Crossout, everything they created must be made a pariah.

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Been doing that for a while now, except I don’t have much hope the game to get better. Devs seem to drive it in a weird direction of either making a shooter of it, or compilation of prefab gamemodes, while implementing more p2win items which starts to really tip it into that realm where having right pricy parts matters most.
Playing the game is now a question of if you are bored enough and if your playstyle matches current meta. It’s like a season of hovers, then melee, then drones, with less and less room for anything else.

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Devs must be friends with the Robocraft Devs…Seems it may go the same way sadly with there greed and not fixing stuff :broken_heart: