Want to say a few things

‘but what’s the payout’?
any screen shots for all 4 players rewards earned?
is it worth the effort for all 4 of you? or is the goal keeper in the shithouse?

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It’s in the link… in the link…

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I recall that recently there was a thread about cheating, where some guy posted a bunch of videos supposedly exposing cheaters. Well, the popular consensus seemed to be that people don’t, or even can’t, cheat…that, and those videos didn’t prove schit (which is probably true), yet here we are already witnessing somebody brag about cheating.

In that link Faley mentions having a list of foul play he has to go through, as an excuse for not attending to the cheat being bragged about here right away…not that it matters. I will still maintain that this game is basically a system of cheats and exploits, and it’s not really a big deal, and simply Tuesday. This is how the game is “played.”

I made myself a fused humpback through one of the events because I wanted an excuse to use that Frankenstein CK. Decided to try combining my one BP Stillwind and my single BP Starfall on a big spider build.
So far this is my first attempt that seems to score well in this mode, although I think the furthest we made it today was wave 11.
Really enjoying this mode though, much more than I would have thought.

I normally wouldn’t be one to call out cheating but it is hard to believe a legit 4 hour run in that mode especially with some of the other info presented provided if it’s correct. The discrepancy in the numbers is just large enough for even me to be like it would be worth looking at.

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i tried the tactic in there for running the enemies through the landmines in the area there but it doesnt work that well especially since enemies will shoot at you, especially the cyclone bots. yeah it works really well for the shotgunners but the long range ones and especially the mammoths who can shoot you from across the map, it doesnt work so well. they must be doing something to get that far…

youre right, it was out of place.

No worries a lot of us make odd remarks on stuff. I won’t hold it against you.