Want to say a few things

theres a few things i want to say.

first i got 3 fortunes and HOLY CRAP do they do alot of damage! i didnt know they were that deadly really. 3 of those things is a hell of a thing! i used 2 thors to get 2 fortunes to combine with the 1 i already have. wow that damage is absurd lol.

second i like the christmas event where it gives wires and electronics. while not much i do like that it goes with fast matches. we usually get up to wave… 7 or 8 i think before we wipe or run out of time. the difficulty ramps up stupidly fast though. i wish it didnt so we can destroy more but hey its fast matches with rewards i can hoard so more for me :crazy_face:

third im thinking of getting a helios fused to go with my arsenal of weapons. i got 2 helios and 2 prometheus atm and they do well together, but that charge time on my energy weapons is what im after. this is for the event currently going on with bearings.

earned over 400 wires so far and 80 electronics from the event. i got to wave 15, how high did you guys get?

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18 so far is the highest I’ve gotten it gets really crazy. I don’t think I’ve died that often in a mode in a while.

highest ive gotten is 15 and the whole team was randoms and using porcs, i was using my retchers. we did good but jesus the enemies just dogpile on you. ive had far to many enemies wedging me and just running into me constantly. :unamused:

I got to 18, and if you ask me, it goes on for too long. 10 waves should be the limit. By the 15th wave, I could hardly focus anymore. If we would have hit 20 waves, I would have said screw it and bailed out. This is not for older adults.

Ours was retchers, reaper, cyclone… We didn’t have any fire. I kept getting stuck under them too.

lol I didn’t think it was that bad the waves were surprisingly large though. Was actually starting to wonder what people were using that got higher up.

up to 19 now… was 10-14k 3x fire players 2x in heli and me on cyclones with an aurora.

im not able to get past 12. even when we do we lose immediately after.
the problem im having is enemies just ganking the absolute hell out of me. its like a 8 on 1 situation. when i hit an enemy everyone in the area comes and just runs into me, drives up my ass or constantly runs into me. enemies even target my weapons to which is an annoyance. even mammoths are pulling off ridiculously bullcrap hits like hitting my weapon with pinpoint accuracy across the map and hitting my heli build when im directly above them. the issue is they shouldnt be able to hit me when im literally right above them due to mammoths not being able to target that high.
my build just falls apart so fast its stupid. even in the later waves my fire does literally nothing to the enemies. i had 2 plows on the front of my build and later waves just knock them off like their wet cardboard.
still though ive gotten 2500 wires and 680 electronics from playing the mode. this is great cause it saves me badges. i should have like 20 or 30k by the time the event is over… at least i hope i get that much lol.

I’ve been getting the dog piles too though I just try to keep mobile. You can get a few seconds of them not shooting if you blow the eyes off of them. Try to take advantage of the respawns each wave, If you time it well you can respawn before the next wave gets far. If a team member has longer range fire puddles try to pin them in one spot, you can always race back to shoot at them more.

The returns are good though at 19 it’s around 94 wires and 23 electronics just takes almost a half hour. I’m really wondering what the top of the rankings are using as they are scoring out 5x what I’m doing.

wha?? how?
i just found the leaderboard for it and… they must be using a ton of fused relics or something, they have to be.

i had a thought that the king might be good in this to. the enemies love chasing and ganking you so make them chase you and drop mines for them to run into.

oh i know about that. its just getting a weapon that does constant damage and that they wont shoot off in 1 ridiculously accurate shot…

i have incinerators on a heli build i made, have 6 fused atoms on it as well to absorb some damage. they work surprisingly well ngl. i also tried the blight with my incinerators but even with the boosted fire the enemies just tank through it in later waves. but the worst part is that nerf to the blight really hurt the damage output of my incinerators. the lower damage and the increased cost of movement to activate the perk just makes the blight worthless now. if it wasnt like that i swear i could melt those enemies. i was thinking of adding it to a hadron, cause it boosts the reload speed, has more mass limit, and with that boost to reload and the flywheel i could fire them out pretty fast. the only problem is id have to make a heli build based on the hadron and i dont think i can right now.

really? i got over 100 at i think 14 or 15. i usually get around 50 - 90 per run depending how good my team mates are. i think 5 porcs would dominate that mode though. still im glad im getting wires out of this, i usually spend my badges to get wires but having this be available ill be taking advantage of this as much as i can. i need alot of wires.

If I saw anyone I knew up on the list I’d ask… lol… Have no idea really. It has me really curious though.

I saw people trying it but it didn’t look like it worked that well. Kaplans seemed effective in stalling a little though.

That’s what all the fire weaps were on the 19 wave run. The only issue was the bots weren’t popping that fast without shooting them.

I don’t have premium and was out of the daily rep booster so that could account for it being lower. The team was fairly close in score beyond that.

Anyone have any luck with artillery?

So far I’ve tried whirls and I tried a Yongwang build. Both were ok, but I want to find something more suited to the mode.

Kind of curious about that myself, I think later swarms would be an issue with them as they overtake fast builds. Kind of curious about the doves too as they seem to swarm heli’s rather nicely.

I haven’t actually tried my new Dove at all. Might try it with a king and a Kapkan, possibly on a helicopter.

Can you still mount Dove on a ground vehicle? And do the mines basically work like Kings when launched from the ground?

Yeah you can it basically just spits out 10 second delay mines while on the ground. I haven’t figured out a good way of using it yet since the en cost is high.

i seen people try doves, its not worth it.

read above.

but i found a way to get to high waves if we can get a team of 4 we might be able to get to a pretty high wave. if you guys want a little tidbit then send me a pm and i can discuss the details with you both. its a long shot from my point of view but it works well with the tactic i found out.

I wish, i went up to wave 16.

I’m gonna to chip some PS off, to see if i can do enough to get pass wave 3 to see if i can shorten the matches

you people shouldnt listen to false prophets on this forum and be too good for reddit at the same time!

"[–]PvM_in_OSRS 5 points 20 hours ago

Yee, my team was easily making it to 50, by using 4 helicopters, hovering over the mine fields in the far north of the map, the breaker bots kill themselves. And we had 2-3 stillwind/whirlwind/starfall builds to range the mammoth bots, stand perfectly still and if you see them shoot just strafe like 5 feet over. Ez dodge ez dubs. Then the 4th player is an incinerators helicopter with a cloak, and hovers in the far south of the map, which forces them to never spawn there, since bots don’t spawn under you, they’ll always spawn furthest of you, so people in north stop the spawn, incin runs south west, and it stops both the south abd west spawns, which gaurenteed forces them to spawn East side, incins quickly runs over there dumps fire on their spawn points and cloaks. Then since he on the east side, next wave is guaranteed west side and rince repeats the entire way to 50."


actually havent tried this myself.

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I don’t get why you calling people false prophets as no one was doing anything like that.

I haven’t tried forced spawns like you repeated there but the few matches with fire and heli were easier. They really like locking onto the heli’s and following them around.

Cheating is quite possible too. I can’t imagine getting that mode to go for 4hrs+

I tried playing a helicopter for a while yesterday, but found the bots locked on to me too easily once you get past the easy waves.
But when there were other helicopters on my team it worked better. Single copters get focussed on by the bots too easily, even with Griffon and a cloak. In fact, Griffon didn’t seem to do anything to stop them, as they seem to be able to target aircraft just through line of sight.

invisibility makes no difference. bots will continue to stalk you when you go invisible and will shoot you as soon as you decloak and if a cyclone is shooting at you they wont stop even though your whole 10 seconds of cloak. i know this because its been happening to me ALOT.

mammoths cheat and can hit you pretty much directly above them.
cyclones also cheat because of their stupid accuracy, seriously my cyclones / other autocannons do NOT hit that accurately and land every damn shot flawlessly, its like the weapon has no spread at all, ridiculous amounts of hp and on top of that they dont stop shooting at you even when you cloak.
the pulsar bots are ridiculous and accurate as well.
breaker bots are annoying as all hell and ram into you constantly and deal a ton of damage.

i tried the method above to run them into the mine field and it works when the cyclone bots dont have their bullets grazing your butt cheeks. surprisingly it works decently well.

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