Want we want... Balance updates

I’ll just leave you with this highly emotional meme from Reddit that sums up the situation pretty well.

Want we want

Go check the official Reddit, it’s a shitshow of epic proportions that would make even Blizzard marketing morons scratch their heads in disbelief.

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I checked, it’s a bunch of idiots that didn’t read yelling “I’m being forced to play clan wars with relics!!”

They don’t even know what the system is. They are so lazy they would rather cry then figure out what it really is.

As soon as you read something ignorant like “I have to play with CW try hards, waaaaaaa!” then you realize they have no clue and you can skip that thread.

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It’s not what people complain about tho.

I really hope you’re just acting in bad faith on purpose and don’t treat your customers IRL like that :neutral_face:

These are not my customers, what are you talking about?

Would you tell yourself “well my consumers are just dumb and wrong lol” if your company was facing massive public backlash? If no, why do you do so with Gaijin’s consumers?

There’s nothing wrong with companies (or people, for that matter) putting themselves into question when everything around them tell them they’re wrong/fucking up.

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I do it on the daily. (I might be one of the few here that your going to get this answer from)

I run a marketing agency. My clients don’t hire us because they already know what they want us to do, we tell them what they should do.

And if they don’t want to take our advice, then they pay us for our time and we part ways.

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Ok I concede, a few friends work in marketing, and their clients are indeed dumb and clueless :skull: