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If you guys thought things are bad on this forum, you should compare it to that other Gaijin property: War Thunder.
If you hadn’t heard, a while ago there was a bit of an international military security incident when some forum member posted bits of an instruction manual for a tank to settle an argument, which unfortunately were not the kinds of documents militaries want to have in enemy hands. It was a big deal.

Apparently it just happened again! Someone posted documents about the Eurofighter Typhoon DA7, which isn’t top secret exactly, but not something the military likes to see their soldiers do to settle online beefs.


Lol :slight_smile: got to love the human race.

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I guess we should count our blessings.

I used to play War Thunder a bit because I liked being able to create my own skins. Once I get through these battle passes, maybe I’ll give that another swing. I like this game a lot better when it’s running well, but I did enjoy making my own skins for those old airplanes. I used to have a ton of them but I lost them between operating system updates on my PC. Bummed me hard.

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That’s ontopic

Yes please do :monkey:


Hi, please stay appropriate to each other,